YS Falls or Appleton Rum Estate or Black River Safari, combination Pelican Bar

Do you like rum and wonder how it is made? Enjoy Rum Estate Tour, otherwise play at the waterfalls of YS Falls.

YS Falls is a very beautiful, huge park with awesome falls to walk through. A perfect place for a swing on the rope and a jump from the rocks into the deep. Spent a few hours or even a full day in the park where you can swim and relax at pool side in deck chairs. Or just be lazy around the picnic area.

Black River Its name refers to the darkness of the river bed caused by thick layers of decomposing vegetation. Over 100 species of birds have been recorded in the Black River morass and plenty crocodiles live in the mangrove swamp.

Pelican Bar
Have you ever been to a bar in the ocean? This is an awesome experience and I am sure you love to join!
Get yourself in the fishermanboat and enjoy the splendid view at the reef and jump from the decking in the ocean: red stripe beer or any other drink is available.

We are flexible in breaks during the day.

Price per person: 210 usd, exclusive food, drinks and other personal expenses.
YS Falls closed Monday

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