Rastafari Livety Tour

Leave Rastafarian attractions behind and meet non-commercial Rastas along the way  as you travel with Rappa Rasta Tours. Get that special Rasta vibe; Relax, Chat, Connect.

Choose one of the options

  • day tour when in  Negril, Portland or Kingston
  • multiple day (round) tour


  • Sightseeing Negril West End, passing farmers, ganja fields, bays and authentic villages in the hills: go with the flow
  • visit Rastafari Herbal Gardens and stay a couple of nights (basic) with Thomas Huber, a Swiss Rastaman. At his farm grows a varity of fruits and flowers. You certainly need to try his Caribbean fusin ital dinner! Ask for directions and go yourself.


  • visit fishing village Manchioneal, cousin Popson and Reach River; the local way
  • discover Maroon village ‘Moore town’ and the famous but undevellopped ‘Nanni Falls’. Talk to the chief, the Rasta Farmer who will shpow you around and other people on your way
  • get a farm tour in the hills of Port Antonio or visit their farm bar in the night
  • meet Rastas who sell their coconut oil and honey and taste the natural food
  • chill at Winnifred Beach
    Stay 3-5 days in Port Antonio, Portland.


  • see below: Pinnacle Heritage
  • see below: Cane River Falls
  • see below: Blue Mountains

Optional places to visit when on a 5-10 day round tour:

  • Undevelloped South Coast
    stay basic at a home-stay in a farming village or in the historic Milk River Spa .  Discover hidden gems in nature and meet ‘herbal doctor’. Talk to the elderly Rastas of the village. Visit a natural herb (spice) farm and meet Jamaicans. Minimum 2-3 nights
  • Fishermen village
    discover the life of a fisherman. Many Rastas are fishermen. Visit places like Old Harbour, the pristine Farquhar Beach near Milk River Spa or Rocky Point
  • Pinnacle Heritage
    get to know the history of Rastafari Heritage Pinnacle and fulljoy (enjoy) the splendid view. Take time for reasoning with the Rasta caretaker
  • Cane River Falls
    Meditate at the Cane River surrounded by huge boulders. It’s an stunning waterfall to cool off, visited mainly by Jamaicans. Bob Marley used to come here too
  • Cockpit Country Maroons – needs organization and C.C guide
    hiking, history, caves, rivers
  • Hiking
    Learn about coffee, plantations, plants and many more during the Blue Mountain peak hike or Holywell National Park hikes in the tropical, montane rainforest of Blue & John Crown Mountains.
  • Nyabinghi Drumming lessons Nine Mile
    Besides a visit to the Bob Marley Mausoleum, sightseeing around the village can arranged and drumming lessons prepared, stay overnight in a homestay or hotel
  • Healing Kumina drumming session
    Musicians and spiritual persons might be interested in a healing music session in St. Thomas, followed by hot massage at Bath Fountain. Or talk with the Rasta Coach Healer for deep insights.

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