NEW – Rastafari Livety Tour

Avoiding most hotspots to be with Rasta’s in city’s and nature, getting that special Rasta vibe; Relaxing, Chatting, Connecting.

Depending on how many days you would like to travel and to stay on a place we show you some options and will make an offer on demand for a tour specialized for you (minimum 2 persons). When travelling alone contact us for options.


  • Undevelloped South Coast
    Stay at a homestay in a farmers village. On our way we stop to explore hidden gems and  Bush Doctor. Speak with the eldery Rasta’s of the village. Visit a natural herb farm and meet Jamaicans. Preferable at least 2-3 nights.
  • Fishermen village
    Explore the life of a fisherman, as many Rasta’s were or are fishermen. Depending of our schedule: Old Harbor, the unspoiled Farquhar beach close to Milk River Spa, Rocky Point.
  • Pinnacle Heritage & Bob Marley
    On our way to The museum of Bob Marley in Kingston or Trenchtown we stop at the Rastafari Heritage Pinnacle; some history and a splendid view. Reasoning with the Rasta caretaker.
  • Cane River Falls, surrounded by rocks, is an amazing local waterfall where Bob Marley used to come, take time for your meditation.
  • Maroons
    They live the life in nature with knowledge of history, herbal plants and a loving heart. River, waterfall and outdoor cooking are options. Possibility for camp out.
  • Portland
    Spent some time in Manchioneal, long Bay or Port Antonio to get the Rasta vibes of Portland with farmland, beaches, rivers and chill time. Visit a beautiful farm, and the farm bar, look for Jamaican specialties like honey or coconut oil made by Rasta’s. Staying 3-5 days in Portland.
  • Hiking
    Blue Mountain peak hike, or cabin in Holywell National Park John Crown and make little hikes in goddess nature.
  • Nyabinghi Drumming lessons
    Nine Mile and visit Bob Marley Mausoleum, sightseeing around the village, stay overnight in a homestay.
  • Healing Kumina drumming session
    Musicians and spiritual persons might be interested in a healing music session in St. Thomas, followed by hot massage at Bath Fountain. Or speak with a Rasta Coach Healer.
    Around Negril
  • visit a Swiss Rastaman in the country and stay for a couple of days at his farm, he will teach you about fruits and herbal plants, cooking and Rastafari.
  • Sightseeing Negril West End to Mayfield Falls passing farmers and mountain villages: go with the flow.

    Complete your Rastafari Livety Tour with Negril Beach

  • Chill out a couple of days at Negril Beach, relax, listen to Reggea music, go to parties , enjoy the turquiose ocean; swim, snorkel at the reef – glass botom trip and walk along the 7 miles.

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