10 day round tour Jamaica – model

You have it all; laid back, off the beaten track, hotspots, hidden gems, nature, culture, history, Maroons, Rastafari and Bob Marley. What do you think of a Blue Mountain jungle hike, coffee, rum, local food and bars? Do you like to explore rivers, waterfalls, beautiful turquoise bays, springs and blue holes? Definately!
Last but not least, you’ll have a lot of fun and safety is paramount.
10 day tour example with Rappa Rasta Tours!

Private tours – 7-seater Pajero Jeep – hot spots – hidden gems – nature – culture – fun – Authentic Travels – Unique Style

Co owners
Rappa Rasta; Jamaican tour guide & Sandra Smits; Dutch travel advisor

Your 10 day tour could look like this, starting from Negril.

Etappe ‘Laid back’ south coast

Tour 1. May Field Falls – Pelican Bar – Treasure Beach (airbnb or hotel)
Tour 2. South Coast sight seeing off the beaten path (hotel Mandeville or Milk River)
Tour 3. Rastafari Heritage Pinnacle – Kingston Trench Town, Tuff Gong or Museum (cabin Holywell National Park)

Etappe ‘Nature’ Portland

Tour 4. Blue Mountain short hike (Holywell) – coffee plantation – Port Antonio (peninsula guesthouse or hotel 4 nights)
Tour 5. Port Antonio: Beach: Frenchman cove or Winnifred beach, Boston Beach (surf), arts & crafts, food, bar
Tour 6. Surroundings: Moore Town – Maroon village, Nanni Falls
Tour 7. Surroundings: Manchioneal fishing village; Reach River, Turtle Bay

Etappe ‘Fun’ north coast

Tour 8. Blue Lagoon or Blue Hole Ochi – Oracabessa – Boscobel (Rasta homestay/airbnb or hotel Ocho Rios)
Tour 9. Dunn’s River Falls or Little Ochi combined with Nine Miles Mausoleum Bob Marley in the hills
Tour 10. Martha Brae Bamboo Raft – Falmouth – Glistening waters 7 pm – Negril

South Coast – Laid Back – Day 1

May Field Falls – Pelican Bar – Treasure Beach


Mayfield Falls The road to the falls, full of potholes, leads through farmland hills. We stop on our way for pictures, a drink or a chat with people of the community. Mayfield Falls is one of the greatest waterfalls to explore with unexpected gems!
Pelican Bar Have you ever been to a bar in the ocean? I am sure you love to join in! Step in the fishermen boat and enjoy the splendid view over the reef. Grab a drink or jump from the decking in the ocean.
Treasure Beach 5 bays form Treasure Beach at the south coast of Jamaica. It has an authentic, chill Jamaican vibe. The ocean waves can be strong so be careful. Take your breakfast at Smurff’s and your dinner at Jakes; delicious!

South Coast- Laid Back – Day 2

Little Ochi – Blue Hole Gut River – Pusey Hill – Mandeville


Lover’s Leap The sad story about this scenic point is about two lovers who were separated by their slave master and flung themselves over the lover’s leap. The view is amazing and the light house as well.
Fresh Fish Wel famous for its great spot and delicious fish; Little Ochi. South coast Jamaica has plenty fishermen villages where you can eat, basic or luxe, fresh fish. Give it a try!
Guts River & Spring This is a true hidden gem at far south coast, of the beaten path area at Alligator Pond Bay; under water river, fresh drinking water, hidden caves, queen Victoria, yes, there is a lot history and beauty in these surroundings… if it is accessible!

South Coast- Laid Back – Day 3

Heritage Pinnacle – Kingston – Holywell Natural Park Blue Mountains


Pinnacle Heritage The first Rastafari community, established by Leonard Howell in 1940 was a self-reliant community of 45,000 members. Farmers, craftsmen and teachers shared their faith under the motto; ‘One God, One Aim, One Destiny.’ Nowadays a ruin where you feel the energy of love and pain.
Bob Marley Museum Kingston Kingston: down-town Kingston Tuff Gong and Culture Yard, or uptown the Bob Marley museum with famous Devon House i-scream next door, which one to pick? Not a Bob Marley fan? Visit Cane River Falls, Port Royal ruin or Lime Cay instead.
Holywell National Park In the Blue & John Crow Mountains you’ll find national park Holywell. • stunning view over Kingston • 5 walking trails & bird watching • cabins, wood fire, rangers, camp • relaxation at its purest. Be sure making your reservation on time!

Portland – Nature – Day 4

Morning Hike Holywell National Park – Coffee – Waterfall – Port Antonio

Blue Mountains The climate diversity has led to the growth of lush vegetation; trees and flowering plants. Coffee grows at a hight of 1300m. in soil rich in nitrogen and phosphorous. Blue Mountain peak 2256m./ 7402ft. is reachable in a 3-4 hrs hike from Whitfield Hall much further up in the mountains.
Hike Holywell Blue Mountains Waterfall Trail is one of the 5 trails you can choose from. In about 30-45 minutes the path goes through a valley of ferns and jungle. Depending of rainfall the waterfall is a dripping stream or a good splash with pool big enough to dip your feet in the cool cool water.
Fish Dunn Falls Hidden from the road in the community of Spring Hill the Fish Dunn Falls are surrounded by huge rocks. A small entry fee is asked but then you’ll enjoy the scenery, pool and whistling birds.

Portland – Nature – Day 5

Beach – Port Antonio

Winnifred Beach One of the few real Jamaican beaches where no hotels have emerged yet. Locals clean the beach, sell drinks and food. For you to appreciate; relax, swim and enjoy the turquoise colours of the ocean on a quiet, peaceful place.
Boston Beach Near Port Antonio, the surf-friendly waves of beautiful Boston Beach are well-known. With the Jerk Center around the corner, the bar within easy reach; you like to stay the whole day for a swim and watch surfers.
Port Antonio Light house & Folly Ruins Folly Ruin on the other side of the light house at the bay of Port Antonio has a unique story; The house was build by an American for his wife, but he used salt water to mix the cement, which weakened the material.

Portland – Nature – Day 6

Maroon village – Moore Town – Nanni Falls – Port Antonio

Maroon Heritage Moore Town The village was founded in 1739 when the peace treaty was signed between the British colonial authorities and the Windward Maroons. Here the Maroons signed a peace treaty forbidden them to harbour runaway slaves. In fact, in 1865, they helped the British put down the Morant Bay rebellion.
Moore Town is governed by a Colonel.
Nani Falls Amazing, beautiful, natural place hidden in the jungle only reachable by climbing down rocks. Nanni, the leader, organized the guerilla against the British and became National Hero in 1982.
Maroon Rasta’s Maroon, derived from the Spanish word cimarrón (wild) refers to runnaway slaves who established their own settlements in the mountains. They formed well-organized underground military units against the British (autonomy since 1739).

Portland – Nature – Day 7

Manchioneal off the beaten path – meeting Jamaicans – swim – eat fish – chat and laugh

Fishing village Manchioneal
You can buy the best fish you can get in the harbour. Manchioneal is one of those fishing villages. Family cooks a meal while you chat and drink your cool Red Stripe: cheers!
Manchioneal Reach River Jamaicans don’t often go to Reach Falls because the entrance fee spoils the fun. The lower parts are accessible to wade up to the falls. But hidden in farmland we are going to join the river, cool off, drink and chat. Yah mon!
Manchioneal Turtle Beach Manchioneal fishing village with Reach River and hidden gem Turtle Beach, is a lovely off the beaten track area that is good for nature, laid back and meeting cousin Popson. This amazing view can be yours!

North Coast – Fun – Day 8

Blue Lagoon – Blue Hole Ochi

Blue Hole Ochi Access is in several places along the river. A location guide shows all the secrets and keeps you safe. You can jump, swim and watch others. Food and drinks are available.
Blue Lagoon (possibly under construction) Just outside Port Antonio, close to San San Beach, is the beautiful bay of Blue Lagoon, known from the movie. The water is a mix of fresh water and salt water. They once thought it was bottomless, but they found out it is 200 feet deep!
Bars, fruit stalls and food If you’re not used to it, you might pass all the lovely, local, tiny places where they sell the sweetest and nicest fruits. Nowhere does it taste as delicious as in Caribbean Jamaica and that’s why you need to ‘go local’!

North Coast – Fun – Day 9

Little Dunn’s or Dunn’s River Falls – Nine Mile Mausoleum

Dunn’s River Falls One of the most visited places in Jamaica. A popular activity is to climb the falls and hang out in one of several lagoons or pools along the way. Start at the Caribbean Sea, all the way down and stay all day if you like.
Little Dunn’s  A beautiful waterfall on the ocean of Ocho Rios to relax, drink and swim. Tip the guys who keep it tidy and be thankful for these kinds of small, gorgeous places where everyone is welcome.
Nine Mile Mausoleum Bob Marley The mausoleum, with bars, arts and crafts shop, musicians and restaurant, is famous for its village and mausoleum, as Bob Marley was born and buried in the hills of Saint Ann. History, culture and fun come together.

North Coast – Fun – Day 10

Martha Brae Bamboo Raft – Glistening Waters Falmouth – Negril

Martha Brae Bamboo Raft The 9 meter (30 feet) long bamboo raft shows you a lush green scenery of dense jungle with bamboo trees, ackee, breadfruit and calebas. Feel free to swim and grab one of the yummy fruits along the way to quench your thirst.
Lumious Lagoon Glistening Waters Falmouth starts from 7 pm. The water glows a beautiful blue and becomes illuminated when microscopic organisms are disturbed. Your captain will explain the science behind this effect.
Always colourful sunsets Negril The most romantic sunsets with stunning colours given you spectacular moments at Negril 7-mile-beach. Reggae lovers dance in the evening at one of the parties along the beach.


The jeep is not the youngest anymore but robust, strong and tough. We keep these in the best condition possible.
For a 10 day trip we need the trunk for luggage. We therefore travel with a maximum of 4 people.