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Rappa Rasta Tours: Explore hot spots & hidden gems

Negril and around

1 Mayfield Falls combi Ricks Café or sightseeing around

Mayfield Falls, tucked away in the hills of Negril, surrounded with trees and bamboo, is a true hidden gem. Explore the river with its small height differences together with the location guide. He knows all about the secrets of the river, therefor it’s one of the best tours to do!

  • Bring water shoes and swimsuit, because the river is full of rocks
  • Lunch on demand in local restaurant on our way back

Ricks Cafe, West End; admire cliff jumping during sunset. Are you brave enough to jump too?
Enjoy life reggae music with a cocktail or a Red Stripe beer, overlooking the ocean, yes it’s time to chill!

Price per person: 185 usd, exclusive food, drinks and other personal expenses.

2 Roaring River Cave Park and Blue Hole 

Have you ever been in a mineral bath in a cave for a healing retreat? Descend with a guide into the caves for a tour and experience this magnificent feeling. De guide will inform you about history and nature and you can try the fresh river in the cave.
It will be possible to have a walk in the village, have a drink in a local bar or sit at the riverside.
There are 2 Blue Holes to choose from: Blue Hole Negril to watch jumps, with bar and swimmingpool or Blue Hole Roaring River to chill and swim, which lays in a park of a Swiss owner.
Optional: ‘plantation tour’. (owner will ask fee)

Price per person: 185 usd, exclusive food, drinks and other personal expenses.

3 YS Falls or Appleton Rum Estate or Black River Safari, combination Pelican Bar

Do you like rum and wonder how it is made? Enjoy Rum Estate Tour, otherwise play at the waterfalls of YS Falls.

YS Falls is a very beautiful, huge park with awesome falls to walk through. A perfect place for a swing on the rope and a jump from the rocks into the deep. Spent a few hours or even a full day in the park where you can swim and relax at pool side in deck chairs. Or just be lazy around the picnic area.

Black River Its name refers to the darkness of the river bed caused by thick layers of decomposing vegetation. Over 100 species of birds have been recorded in the Black River morass and plenty crocodiles live in the mangrove swamp.

Pelican Bar
Have you ever been to a bar in the ocean? This is an awesome experience and I am sure you love to join!
Get yourself in the fishermanboat and enjoy the splendid view at the reef and jump from the decking in the ocean: red stripe beer or any other drink is available.

We are flexible in breaks during the day.

Price per person: 210 usd, exclusive food, drinks and other personal expenses.
YS Falls closed Monday

4 Falmouth Swamp Safari (James bond) with Martha Brae River bamboo raft, and Glistening Waters / Lumious Lagoon

Swamp Safari is, in particular, to see crocodiles in a park which look a bit like a (bird and crocodile) zoo; a fun and interesting tour of about 1.5 to 2 hours.
You’ll get an impression of how the movie ‘live and let die’ is made.

Martha Brae: Romantic and peaceful on a bamboo raft for about 3 miles (5 km) over the Martha Brae River. Relaxing, nice and cool! Bring swimsuit, (natural) anti-mosquito repellent and sunscreen.

Luminous Lagoon, Glistening Waters Falmouth starts from 7 pm. The water glows a beautiful blue and becomes illuminated when microscopic organisms are disturbed. Your captain will explain the science behind this effect.

Price per person: 280 usd, exclusive food, drinks, tips and other personal expenses.
Martha Brae, Swamp Safari, Glistening Waters: open every day.

Bob Marley, Waterfalls and other Tours

5 Nine Mile and Dunn’s River Falls or Blue Hole Ochi

Nine Mile, the birthplace and mausoleum of Bob Marley, is surrounded by green hills. In order to get there we have to follow the winding road through villages and farmland for about 1-1.5 hrs from Ochi. Therefor it is an experience itself.
Do you want to know more about Bob Marley and get the special feeling walking where he walked as a child, see his bedroom and visit the tomb? Join for a tour to the mausoleum, a mystic place with the most bars per quare meter!
Bars, souvenir shops and restaurant are available: a perfect time to try the fire shot at starting point of the tour!

The beautiful Dunn’s River Falls in Ocho Rios, is one of the most visited places in Jamaica, therefore it can be busy. You need to bring water shoes and swim suit, or buy them at the entrance. Don’t like the crowd?
Choose for the Little Dunn’s where the little falls end in the ocean. From this cove you’ll have an awesome view and you’ll have a stunning opportunity to get a drink at the outdoor local bar where reggae tunes cheer you up. The local tour guides are willing to help you climbing the falls, a tip will be appreciated as they also keep the place clean.

Lunch option in Nine Mile (Ital food), Ocho Rios Jerk Center or at Fishermen Beach.

Price per person: 275 usd, exclusive food, drinks and other personal expenses.
Nile Mile closed on Sundays. Dunn’s River open every day

6  Bob Marley Museum Kingston

Are you fan of Bob Marley? You surely have to go to the museum in Kingston! You will see all his records in his house/studio, walk through his kitchen, bedroom and yard. The vibes of music, love and soccer are still alive. The tour ends with a 20 minutes documentary.


    • ice cream at Devon House (first black millionaire house).
    • Tuff Gong Studio
  • a visit down town Life Yard (garden in the ghetto).  Life Yard welcomes a small, voluntary financial contribution to support the community.
  • explore the first heritage Rastafari Community ‘Pinnacle’ (45 minutes drive).
  • Port Royal (45 minutes drive)

Departure very early in the morning; Kingston is about 4-5 hour drive from Negril.

This tour can be combined as a two day trip in the Blue Mountains with an overnight stay at Holly Well, although….you might love to stay 2-3 nights!
Price on request.

Price per person: 325 usd, exclusive food, drinks and other personal expenses.
Museum Open from 9:30 to 16:00, closed on Sundays

8 Sight Seeing South Coast 2 days; Rappa Rasta Speciality

An authentic tour with the opportunity to explore The Real Jamaica in the Natural Rasta Way! Rappa’s birth area has many serene, stunning hidden gems: Milk River Spa, Guts River Blue Hole, God’s Well Crater and Alligator Pond.
During this tour you will become acquainted with all kind of trees, flowers, birds, fruits and herbs. There is history all around, dated from slave period. Real Rastafari life in the village and the farmland around will unfold on this easy going adventure, therefor a great, awesome experience always to remember!

Departure early in the morning; it will be a long drive of 5-6 hours. A three-day tour is even possible and recommended.

Price per person: 350 usd two days and a 3-day trip on request.

9 Portland

Tours to Blue Lagoon, Winifred Bay, Boston Bay, Port Antonio, Nanni Falls, Moore Town, Blue Mountains and Manchioneal (Reach Falls and Bath) are only possible with an overnight stay. Highly recommended is 3-4  nights to see the best of Portland.
Price per person: 425 usd and up, depending on where you go.
Please contact us for details and an offer on demand.

* Authentic 10-12 days round trip: Explore the Real Jamaica in the Natural Rasta Way

Negril – Pelican Bar and overnight stay at Treasure Beach – South coast route to birth village of Rappa, hidden gems and Rasta life – Pinnancle: Rastafari Heritage en Kingston: Bob Marley Museum or Tuff Gong Studio. Night in Reggae Hostel or hotel – Through the Mountains with overnight stay at a cabin – Hidden waterfall while winding down through the mountains to Port Antonio – Exploring Portland in 3 days: beaches, Maroon Moore Town with Nanni Falls and Reach Falls in fisher village – Sightseeing to Ocho Rios – Nine Mile and direct back to Negril.

In consultation we can adjust places to your interests
* 5-7 days healing retreat: Morning Yoga or meditation and afternoon tours to explore nature and culture in Jamaica

Yoga, meditation, chakra healing or coaching in the morning. Afternoon: Exploring the Real Jamaica in the Natural Rasta way. Natural food. 6-12 persons.

What else to know?

We make day trips and multiple day tours, specialized to your wishes. Please contact us to discuss what you would love to do; we will give advice with pleasure and we’ll make an offer on demand.

    • Pick up and/or drop off Montego Bay Airport: 80 usd 1p, 140 usd 2p, 180 usd 3p for a single trip
    • Prices depend on distance, terrain and entrance fees and are based on a private tour of at least 2 persons
  • Need help by making choices? Or do you have questions? Feel free to contact us, we are looking forward to assist!

What more to know and expect?

    • Our local Rasta Tour Guide will share his knowledge about nature, herbs, culture and history.
    • By joining our tours, you will support locals who are building their own independent life by the way we travel: children can go to school, water and electricity bills will be payed.
      A fair way is an unique way: ‘I-nity’
    • Party and Protect is the slogan of Rappa Rasta Tours; only when feeling safe you will enjoy and relax!
    • Flexible: in consultation pauses whenever you need
    • Discovering hidden gems
    • Meeting locals
    • A deposit is required prior to all bookings, payments in advance goes via Pay Pal
    • Book tree tours or more? Get a discount on number 4!
  • Are you travelling with 4 or 5 persons together, we’ll offer a discount as well

Notice: All our prices are per person and depend on distance, terrain and entrance fees. They are based on a private tour of a minimum of 2 persons.

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