Short reviews of different tours

Paula-Linton-Rappa Rasta_red stripe
Ale Blanco Armada, September 2017

We highly recommend Rappa Rasta tours!!!
Rappa organized for us a day away from the touristic areas spending the time with local people in authentic places. He is a kind and positive guy, and the worst thing was not having more time to spend with him.
Many thanks to Sandra and Rappa for your help, and for opening to us the doors of your beautiful country!

Blesses from Spain! Hope to go back!

David Sundén, May 2017

Very friendly, reliable and Jamaican true Rasta tour guide Rappa Rasta is very knowledgeable about Jamaica and Jamaican history. All that Rappa does, is done with love: teaching the religion of love. Thank you Rappa!
Me and my friend had a drive with Rappa from treasure beach to Kingston and all along the way he stopped at hidden gems along the south coast. The drive itself is very nice and you get to talk to Rappa and ask a lot of questions, and there is always a good answer.

Charlotte Verholle, August 2017

We just got back from Jamaica, we stayed in the hotel Legends in Negril, where we had a great two weeks with Rappa. We did many trips, such as Nine Miles, Dunn’s River, Swamp Safari, Martha Brae, Blue Hole, Roaring River, Glistening Waters and the special tour of two days at the South Coast.

The fun about travelling with Rappa is you’ll see all kind of things you won’t see while travelling on a tour bus full of tourists.  We stopped at local shops and bars and so many beautiful places, for example Guts River. We got to know many people outside the touristic areas thanks to Rappa and they’ll stay forever in our mind, therefore we’ll sure come back and will do a revisit and see some people back again.


At the tourist areas, people sometimes bother you to sell things but Rappa always got our back and looked out for us so good, he showed us that not all people are the same. The idea of  ‘party and protect’ is very nice, because we went a lot of times at the bar Bourbon Beach, which was next to our hotel and Rappa came to our beach to walk with us to the bar.

We also want to say thanks to Sandra for all the good information and scheduling things up. She’s Dutch so it was easy to communicate about the tours and details.
Keep up the good work you guys, I hope a lot of people choose Rappa Rasta tours in the future it’s a thousand times better than the excursions with a big company
We’ll definitely come back because there’s so much more to explore.
Greetings – the ‘no problem couple’

April van de Veerdonk, Februari 2017

We had a great time with Rappa and Sandra. On our first tour we went to Kingston. It was a very long drive from Negril, but we saw a lot of Jamaica and had some great stops. On our way we stopped at a little beach and we’ve got to see the Peter Tosh Mausoleum. We also had some lunch at a little local restaurant.
In Kingston we visited the Bob Marley Museum and went to Devon House, where we had some very nice ice cream.

The second tour we did with Rappa, we went to Rocklands Bird Sanctuary and Bamboo Rafting on the Martha Brae River. This was a very relaxed day full with the beautiful nature of Jamaica.

Rappa and Sandra are such nice people and they have a lot to tell about the country and the Jamaican people. If you travel with them you can stop whenever you like and everything is possible. Touring with them is full joy!

Paula vd Poel, March 2017

Smile Jamaica! A beautiful island you don’t want to miss. We asked Rappa to be our tour guide during our time in Jamaica, one of our best decisions! Rappa knows Jamaica by heart and can take you to places no tour bus comes. We did the blue mountain tour for instance where you stay overnight in a guesthouse without electricity up in the mountains where only a four-wheel drive can come. Once in a lifetime experience! Don’t forget your flashlight and rain clothes 😉

Where the tour busses are rushing the tours, Rappa takes his time. If you want to stop anywhere it’s no problem. And if you are interested he will give you information about whatever you want to know. He doesn’t do this in a guide kind of way but more in a friend kind of way. Ask away!
What you also do not experience when you travel by group is properly meeting the locals. Trough Rappa you easily can get in contact with the locals whom are very friendly. Everybody loves the rasta’s & so do we.

Also convenient is Rappa’s flexibility, we could change our schedule easily. Probably best is when you contact Rappa and his Dutch girlfriend Sandra (they run this together) before you book your hotel(s) so you make sure you have the most optimal schedule.

So look no further, Rappa Rasta Tours is truly recommendable.
Thanks again Rappa & Sandra! We enjoyed Jamaica to the fullest and hopefully we can come again someday! Greets, Paula & Linton

Deborah Peach, January 2016

Rappa and Sandra were so helpful. I hurt my back and couldn’t tour with them, but they drove to our hotel to bring me herbs from the backyard to make tea and brought me to a chiropractor on the beach who helped me immensely. They did everything out of the goodness of their hearts and I am so grateful. Will definitely link up next time we are down there when I’m feeling better. Thanks again!