3 day tours with Rappa Rasta when returning to Jamaica after 20 years

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After many years André visited Jamaica again. This time a friend, who came for the first time, enjoyed him. That’s why they visited Nine Miles Mausoleum Bob Marley. Admittedly a little shocked by the developments, it was a day never to forget.
Another day they went to Mayfield Falls to enjoy pure nature at its best. And last but not least, they taste rum at Appleton Rum Estate, cuddle crocodile at Black River Safari and catch a glimpse of the Peter Tosh Mausoleum on tour day number three.

Read the review and see why André recommend exploring Jamaica with Rappa Rasta.

“The reason I would recommend Rappa Rasta to the travellers is because of his positive vibes. Rappa is a cheerful person which makes it fun to explore Jamaica with. He also made me feel safe throughout the trip. Best of all; we went to places where there were hardly any other tourists.

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In the place where many tourists were, the Nine Miles Mausoleum, we had to share Rappa with almost every other people as they wanted their picture taken with this smiling Rasta and his real, natural locks.


When I compare Rappa Rasta Tours with, for example, Tui, I notice that it is planned a lot looser, more flexible. It’s great to stop somewhere along the side of the (mountain) road for a cup of coffee or to buy some fruit; we can do this within this private tour with Rappa as tour guide. It’s making the trip more exciting.

4WD Jeep

Although the vehicle is not a Rolls Royce, it took us over dirt roads, mountain roads and off the beaten track. It’s a unique experience.

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I would say customers with an adventurous attitude love to travel with Rappa Rasta Tours.

It’s not super luxurious, but it’s great and relaxed.
A long time ago I had been to Jamaica a few times. However, this trip with Rappa was very different in many ways. It’s exploring the Real Jamaica on the natural Rasta way. When I returned in The Netherlands I immediately booked again for autumn. ‘See you soon, Rappa’. ”