Touring with a local tour guide!

Touring with a local tour guide!

We’ve booked our vacation to Jamaica, and we didn’t like to go on tour with a bus full of other tourists, so we looked on internet and found the page of Rappa Rasta Tours.
THAT’S what we were looking for! Touring with a local tour-guide!
After some mails with Sandra (she is Dutch so that was nice and easy to talk) we had booked a 2 day private tour with Rappa.

Ursula & Joop, October 2016

Day 1: Nine Miles & Dunns River Falls

Rappa picked us up at our resort in Ocho Rios, NO PROBLEM  and we went to Nine Miles. He took the long but beautiful route up to the mountains. It was great and with some reggae music in the car we felt like real Jamaicans haha. We saw Bob Marley’s Mausoleum, very special to be there.

After that Rappa brought us to a good friend, Alvin. He showed us his property and his house and told us about his life on nine mile. He also play drums in the Bob Marley Mausoleum. It was very great to meet him.

On the road Rappa stopped by a little store, and bought some bananas , and then downhill to the Dunn’s River Falls. That was very spectacular, from the beach we climbed with a guide and more people, all the way up over rocks and waterfalls NICE!!

While driving, Rappa told us a lot about his life in Jamaica, he’s such a great man, real RASTA, he shares everything he has and make a lot of people very happy. He has a heart of gold!

Day 2: Bob Marley Museum, Ice cream and Pinnacle

The second day, he brought us to Kingston, the Bob Marley Museum, also a great place to be, inside the house, where Bob has lived his last years, you see his albums, original kitchen, bedroom and studio.
Before we went to Pinnacle, we took an “5-minute” break at the Devon house, eat some ice cream.


The road trip must go on, so Rappa took us to Pinnacle. This is the place where the first Rastafari settled down, is sad to see that what is become of the dream of the Rastafari…….

The Blue Hole (Ochi) Rappa has showed us on the first day, we’ve had the whole morning and is was great. Two guides brought us to the hole, it wasn’t that blue that day, because of the rain and mud from the night before, but we’ve had a great time with Rappa and the other boy’s.

Unforgettable time

We would recommend Rappa Rasta Tour to anyone who will go to Jamaica and will see it on a different but awesome way.
Thanks Rappa for the great and unforgettable time. Love, Peace and Respect!!!
Greets also to Sandra.

Many thanks, for real. Blessings and respect.