‘We went 3 days on tour; all of them were quite different and really nice.’

‘We went 3 days on tour; all of them were quite different and really nice.’

Bas, Vera and Sterre booked 3 days with us and found out every day was a different experience. They explored several areas, there was time for sight seeing on the way. Look what they say about Rappa: ‘About Rappa, our tour guide, what an amazing person!!! He is such a happy soul, pleasant to deal with and there is no question he could not answer!’
Find out where they went and add it to your bucket list!


Bas, Vera en Sterre – 2022

Day 1. Mayfield Falls

‘We were welcomed by our location guide who guided us through the river’s secrets.
You need to have a good physical condition as it’s the best workout ever.
Wearing only swimsuit and water shoes, we waded through the cool waters. At some parts we floated along for a little while and had so much fun behind the waterfall! The whole environment was amazing; JUNGLE!
As you can see it’s fantastic over there and we definitely can recommend this tour

Day 2. Black River Safari


We became already good friends with Rappa and this second day he again arrived on time. We went to spot crocodiles at Black River, where Rappa joined us on the boat! Our boat captain is highly skilled and we had lots of fun. Although the crocodiles in Jamaica are smaller and less aggressive than those in Australia and Africa, these crocodiles look big. They are amazing, huge animals, terrific! We also spotted all kind of birds like whistling-duck, water hen, herons and red-footed coots.’

The Great Morass, a 125-square-mile dense and humid mangrove swamp, extends inland from the mouth of the Black River—Jamaica’s longest river.

Pelican Bar

‘You really want to go to Pelican Bar when you are in Jamaica! With a fishing boat we went to the bar by the reef. Pelican bar only survives high winds due to the way it is built; a wooden construction on poles that allows wind to pass through. Over the past 20 years, people have carved their names into it, and so have we. What we didn’t expect were the things people had left behind, such as flags, money and decals. We didn’t have any euros with us, otherwise we would have pin them on the wall.

We enjoyed the chill vibes; play dominoes, have a beer, smoke a spliff and listen to music.
I was just wondering what’s going on in the bathroom, well… a bucket, where does it go? Just in the ocean where others swim and snorkel…?


Splendid experience; we had never ever seen anything like this, except in the movie ‘Waterworld’. You should certainly go!

Day 3. Negril and around, go with the flow

Rappa showed us the surroundings of Negril; the communities in the hills. It’s such a different world when you compare where we come from; our cold, small country. We only met very enthusiastic, happy people and loved the beauty of Jamaican nature. The houses seem less pretty to us though, but maybe it depends where you come from. I saw a huge contrast between rich and poor.


Passing Jamaican countryside we arrived at Blue Hole Mineral Spring – Negril
The limestone hole is filled with crystal clear, sweet water. Arobic diving activities can take place and when adventurous, like my heroes Bas and Sterre, you can jump too. To go down the ladder into the water is an option as well.
Optional is a visit to the herb plantation. Amazing to see how plants grow, the information we got and the permission to take pictures and videos. Very special!

Rick’s Café

Hungry as we were, we grabbed a bite and enjoyed watching the beautiful ladies pose.
Daredevils did show their skills by jumping off the cliff, which you could do too, but… no, not for us. Plenty tourists and a lot of noise made that we moved on to Xtabi.

Xtabi at the cliffs has a totally different atmosphere, therefor we loved the cliffs here. We snorkeled and saw colourful fish. Once we swam into the cave there were many bats; it’s all under the restaurant, you know! And guess what? The sunset view, over the ocean, with so many wonderful colors…. I’ve never seen such magnificence.

We had a marvelous time and Rappa is totally irie (superb – great).’