A magic backpackers trip; chilling, smoking and meetings

guests and guide fun in shopping mall with Bob Marley statute

Arno and Joyce booked 4 days in 2017 to tour around Negril, Jamaica. One year later they returned with two friends for a 10-day round trip with Rappa Rasta Tours.
Arno, Joyce, Jolan and Joris have busy, creative jobs in Belgium: graphic design, fashion design, photography and landscape architecture. They share their interest in getting to know the real Jamaica and they love meeting and chat to people on their way.
Read about an awesome ‘backpacker’ experience.

Joyce, October 2018
‘Our itinerary went from Roaring River, far South Coast with hidden gems, Cane river falls, Manchioneal – Reach Falls and Moore town – Nanni Falls to  the stunning Blue Mountains and Bob Marley Mausoleum.
During our adventurous journey we camped next to the river, stayed at home-stays and local hotels. It was a perfect mixture of beaches, rivers, people and villages. We discovered a lot on a relaxed, natural, Rasta way, exactly how we like it.

Magic like a local


Roaring River is great to experience meeting Jamaicans and so we spent a night in a tent under a giant cotton tree. Fireflies brought us a magic evening, people from the village gave us security and we slept like babies.

The best of our tour is Moore Town, with Rasta Bucha, who cooked a delicious meal on a wood fire. He is such a special man sharing stories about warrior Nanni and showing us the secrets of the river.

We were able to meet family of Rappa: his sister and his uncle. They gave us a very welcome feeling.

Rappa’s Vibes


A typical characteristic of Rappa is his flexibility and that fits us pretty well. Some travellers may need more structure, but giving us time to chill was what we loved. He shows possibilities and lets us decide what to do. One day we spent two hours in a bar, looking for shelter for the rain, and finally we said, “Rappa, it’s time to go.” And that’s how it works for Rappa, he waits till we are ready, which is totally fine for us.

Rappa is one of us, as a friend. He is our tour guide of course, but you do not notice that he is 20 years older. He is young at heart and he likes to have fun. Great for Jolan, because they were able to go out, while we were tired and went to bed early.

A wonderful caretaker

When I left my glasses at the Bob Marley Mausoleum, Rappa drove back the next day to pick it up, and that’s a 3 hours drive! Yes, I have to say, Rappa is very sweet.
I also hurt my foot during the trip and Rappa offered help all the time, he is such a wonderful caretaker.

A journey like this requires travellers like us: adventurous, reliable, relaxed and flexible. This journey was made for us, when you need more comfort, Rappa Rasta Tours will organize the tour a little different.

I really had a superb time, I love travelling with Rappa and he deserves it – he loves it as well! It is an “irie” feeling, because Rappa is always happy, we laughed a lot and I am grateful for his positive vibrations.’