Rastafari Lifety

Meet with ease other Rasta’s and take time to chat and maybe even smoke.

Travelling with Rappa Rasta means you are getting in contact with other Rasta’s easily. Rappa himself does have a lot of knowledge about history, music, herbs and plants; he got his guidance from the elderly Rasta’s in the village where he grew up; far south coast area.

To get to know more knowledge about Rastafari Lifety it’s good to have time for chats, for unexpected meetings, travelling around and be open for the things coming your way.

All kinds of qualities

There is the Rasta, living far south coast, who makes natural medicinal fruit drinks. Some are bitter, some more sweet. But definitely good for meeting up and get a taste.
Meet Ras Trevor or Ras Kapoty and dive in history or spirituality. Meet wise elders or meet the Kumina drummers.

It is not always necessary to go in Rastafari communities, as Rasta-man live everywhere in Jamaica. But if you wish there are serval places to go, although not all of them are always open to visit.