Rastafari Lifety

Easily meet other Rasta’s and take the time to chat and maybe even smoke.

Traveling with Rappa Rasta means you can easily come into contact with other Rastas. Rappa himself has a lot of knowledge about history, music, herbs and plants. He received his guidance from the elderly Rastafari in the village where he grew up; far south coast area.

Get to know ‘Rastafari Lifety’ by taking time for a chat, unexpected encounters and time. Be open to the things that come your way.

All kinds of qualities

Meet our Rasta friend, who lives in the bush on the far south coast. He makes natural medicinal fruit drinks. Some taste bitter, others sweet. Taste and discover it for yourself.

Meet Ras Trevor, Ras Kapoty or the Kumina drummers. Dive into history and spirituality.

In addition to the official Rastafarian attractions such as farms, cooking restaurants or music entertainment, you will meet non-commercial Rastas along the way and in villages. Explore the Real Jamaica on the Natural Rasta Way: Rappa Rasta Tours.