Mission & Vision

Travelling with Rappa Rasta Tours means you will get the most awesome, magnificent holiday experiences, supporting small local businesses and families. Our mission is benefit to the poorest people in the country, while you will have your marvellous holiday. Authentic Travels, Unique Style. Read about our mission and vision.

Vision: I and I is We

Rappa Rasta Tours wants benefit for ‘We’ not only ‘me’, therefore our vision is a Jamaica without poverty!

Our Purpose

Our Purpose is every Jamaican will be able to be a team member of Rappa Rasta Tours. We (I and I) want the children to go to school, water and electricity for all Jamaicans and a safe and healthy environment. Our Mission and Vision is to see all ‘of we happy and relax’, and are able to be part of the modern (on-line) world as well.
Besides of this we promoot a school, the dog clinic Negril and EM natural liquid to farmers.
We support locals so they can build their own, independent life.

Achieving our purpose

We bring you to authentic local places: you can buy souvenirs direct from the artist, we buy food from farmers and we eat in local restaurants.
In order to do this we ask a payment in advance and a fair price of the tours, equal with other professional tour agencies in Jamaica and all over the world. This way we are sure we can pay the bills and share our earnings with local people. Happiness is for all of us: ‘I-NITY!’

Realizing our dream

With adventurous tourists we are going on tour to develop the far south coast. We just got our Pajero Jeep (7 seater) and will need a van, for our dream, to uplift a small farmer and fishermen community. We are organizing 2-4 days tours in this abandon area.
Here we are building a team-community with local guesthouses and home stays, hiking trails with local tour guides, shops, bars and markets.
This not-yet-developed area has plenty stunning hidden gems, as a result you will meet magnificent nature spots, rural life and lovely people.
One step on the ladder here we go!

What is in it for you?

Rappa Rasta Tours shows you ‘The Real Jamaica in the Natural Rasta Way’. You can explore hotspots and hidden gems, fabulous nature spots, local restaurants and bars. We teach about herbs and fruits from trees, and most exiting of all: you will meet amazing, positive and spiritual people on our trips.
We will guide you in an I-nique way (unique): Natural, Rasta, Happy, Harmony, Safe and Comfortable Way! As sharing brings most satisfaction, it will be your best experience ever!
Our wish is to see you happy and relax.

You, Adventurous Travels & Working Together

Rappa Rasta Tours is a small company, creating a great deal of flexibility while travelling, and most of all showing you real life and hidden gems. We might find fruit trees to pick from or meet Rastafarians in villages or farmland. We could bump into arts & crafts stalls, eat delicious food in local restaurants and hence you can count on unexpected experiences when we are on tour.

It is therefore a special enrichment of your trip to go with one of our local tour guides who knows almost everything about the (Rastafarian) people, country, herbs, nature, music and history.

It is an adventure and we all work together: you and me, one love!

Our Guests

Most of our customers are in between 25 – 60 years old: couples, sometimes with children in the age of 1.5 to 12 years. ‘They love Jamaica fi real’. They long for a visit for many years or even all their life, they love reggae music and adore Bob Marley.

Our customers like to explore, nature is heaven for them, beach for relaxation, music and party is part of their life and a taste of good life is ‘a must!’ A combination of all those things is mostly high appreciated.

We organize private tours with couples to get the authentic Jamaican feeling. Besides that, we arrange group tours and also round trips and even complete holidays.
We have a 12 days combination tour with meditation/yoga/spirituality in the morning and tours in the afternoon.
We try our best to help you with every single question you have! Most time we will succeed and if we are at our wits end, we will link you to the right person for the job.

We are Flexible: Take a break when you need it, and cool down in the river when it is getting to warm.
‘Rappa Rasta Tours is unique, flexible and takes care of you!’

How it started

As a real Rasta, Rappa worked as a fisherman at the South Coast, like his dad. He was on the ocean day and night. Rappa moved to Montego Bay for construction work but work was tough and payment low.

Do you know how Rappa has gotten his nick name? As he knows an answer on every question, he will give you one!

Rappa Rasta always wanted to be a guide to assist people. As a schoolboy he was helping friends with exams and he was always looking after his brothers and sisters. Afterwards he became a security worker at his hometown school.
Things continued when he moved to Negril and has got the opportunity to socialize with tourists. They were longing for exploring the country and asked Rappa many questions. And this way, by helping out, Rappa became a tour guide

Tourist Board Jamaica
Rappa decided to make a move and went to class of the Tourist Board Jamaica. Yes, he became a first class Tour Guide. Rappa is proud of Jamaica and he loves to share his knowledge of history, medicinal herbs, culture and music. His calm attitude and smile inspires others.
He proved to be an excellent guide: sincere and pure, right from his heart and soul.

Rappa knows about the struggle of surviving, therefor he always shares with others, no matter who or what. He has great faith in ‘Jah will lead his way’.

Rappa did get help with graphic design and social media. And that’s how the tour business of Rappa Rasta Tours is born: one love, one heart, one destiny!

Would you like to experience hot spots and hidden gems all over Jamaica?
Explore Jamaica in the Natural Rasta Way, and support Jamaicans!

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