Meeting Jamaicans

You will be in contact with locals while travelling with Rappa Rasta Tours, because we’lll stop on our way for drinks, photographs, food and chats!

What makes travelling with Rappa Rasta Tours authentic and special?

Rappa Rasta Tours is a small tour agency, organizing day trips and round tours all over Jamaica.
Our guides are certificated guides by the Tourist Board of Jamaica. It will be easy meeting Jamaicans on our trips.

You must be a little adventurous and curious for nature, culture, the inhabitants and history. Besides of enjoying the best of Jamaican hot spots we will explore off the beaten path and hidden gems.

Our Mitsubishi 7-seater Jeep can take a maximum of 6 guests. Having a lot of luggage 2-4 guests will be more comfortable. Anyway, we offer private tours for small groups and couples.
This way we are flexible and we are having time for exploring and chilling.


Meeting Jamaicans will happen in small villages or off the beaten path excursions.
– On our way to, for instance, a waterfall, passing farmland we can stop and see what the farmer has to offer. In many cases the farmer, most times real rasta’s, will have great stories, so we ‘tek a likkle time’ to ‘see what’s up’, and you will learn about insects, fruits and many more things.
– Visiting attractions will give us sometimes the opportunity to stop on our way see if an arts&crafts artiste is around, or maybe the honey man, the singer or drummer. Going with the flow is the best ever travel experience!
– Staying in a homestay in Manchester, Portland or Clarendon is an invitation for getting to know the other. Listen to stories of fisherman, teachers, Rastafarian with their inspirations and passers-by, therefor you will enrich your life. Just ask them to try their best English, as Patwa is not always easy to understand.
– You can make friends for life getting a drink in a local bar and talk to the visitors. Three guests of us shared drinks and gave a little something to a Jamaican. The next morning, out of gratefulness, he gave back some of his treasures; beautiful stones with minerals in it. Everyone was happy!


Who love to travel with Rappa Rasta Tours? Our Guests:

To start with; real Jamaica lovers, who like reggae music and love Bob Marley.
Our guests love nature and like to have chill time in a turquoise bay or anywhere at the beach or river. They are a little adventurous and if not they still are very curious to embrace a holiday exceeding their expectations. Some are more focust on nature, others on Rastafari and spirituality or party…
There are backpackers, couples with or without a child from about 25 till 60 and they all have one thing in common; they like to explore the Real Jamaica.
Rappa Rasta Tours is giving you this unique chance to relax, having fun, visiting hotspots, exploring hidden gems and feeling the Rasta vibes.

Versatile Jamaica

Jamaica, the land of Wood and Water has many rivers and waterfalls. The Blue Mountains, with flowers and ferns, the coffee plantations and farmland are looking all very exotic. The island is full of lime stone caves, blue holes with mineral water and hot, sulphur water healing baths. Caribbean beaches with snorkeling opportunities and palms are beloved by romantics and honeymooners

Uptown – downtown

Lively Kingston with dance hall parties, record shops and markets is thrilling. Bob Marley lovers will visit the museum on Hope Road, Trench Town or Tuff Gong. Most reggae will be found in Negril along the beach, where plenty bars offer life music at night time. Clubs and bars are everywhere to find.

‘One love, one heart, one destiny!’


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