Wood & Water, hidden gems

Mayfield Falls,

this low cascades waterfall in lush green surroundings, has many secrets. Read more about our 5 year anniversary.


5 year anniversary

Although Rappa’s first tours in 2011 were on invitation of Franceso (Irie Style), his first own tour in 2012 was with Hannah and Bliss in a rental car. It is a special tour they will never forget. Look what Rappa said about drums, music and nature during this tour:

“ I met Hannah and Bliss on the street – mi always a walk-  in Negril, met upon the beach again, and in Barry’s bar were we sit and chat. They asked for tour and they were searching for a drum. I organized everything, but at that time I had only a learners, so I went to ‘Cash Money’ (Christopher) as they called him because him has money skills. He knows me as a good youth and so we went with him as a driver in his car and me as the tour guide.
We take them everywhere and ending up at Treasure Beach. Hannah and Bliss are artistes and in Treasure Beach was a stage show with chalice songs. We all ended up on stage. Each person played an instrument; drum, guitar, shaker shaker; what a night!
Mi and Christopher, went up and down in the car with them, sleeping in the car in Alligator Pond. We went to Milk River, everywhere. One night mi and him stop somewhere, drive we a drive, and go on a party, man, a journey that.”

It is obvious Rappa loved his new job: work from the hearth is like holiday, happy faces a result!

So it all starts with a dream.

When putting skills together and exchanging knowledge, you find yourself ending up in a business…

When Sandra and Rappa put up flyers (2013), Face Book and website (2014), Rappa took the first guests (Suzana, Jan and teenager Dani & Sarah, Marcus with baby Noor) and bought his own car; the sexy Nissan Blue Bird from Debbion. But a hell of reparations were necessary. The Pulsar we bought due of the round trip with Guus was even worse. In the meantime we travelled with Wim and Simone a couple of days to celebrate their honeymoon. We were on the right track, because all of us were having such a good time.
So many guests followed, we can’t mention them all, but we do love them all. Some of them did came back, some became friends, some stayed in the yard for a while. But all tours were special, nice, funny and great, yeah, our guests are awesome! We chat, sing and laugh.

Everything is cool and relax.

When Rappa arrived with Linny at the Reggae Hostel in Kingston we got the opportunity to buy the Mitsubishi Pajero Jeep as Nikki loved Rappa to have it. We are grateful and happy with the Jeep, which is much more stronger and easier to drive, and …  good looking too!

There are so many stories and beautiful memories to share about our guests and our tours. About the video clips they made, the help for building the website, the house and of course the greatest round trips. We need a book to write it all down.
We all love Jamaica and are connected by music, adventure, singing, jokes, nature, relaxing and laughs.

Gifts from the heart

Most of our guests love to bring something for school children, family and friends or dogs. This brings happiness and joy to the island. Sharing and supporting is a typical Jamaican and even more a Rastafarian life style. It is a two side road as Jamaicans also always try to give something. It can be food, a song, a treasure, sharing time or arts&crafts; gifts from the heart!

Dear ones, we could not do this without you, so thank you for your company and trust! You are always welcome (again) and yes, keep on sharing what we do, as we have plenty more energy and days to fill with tours!

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