Wood & Water, hidden gems

Mayfield Falls,

with her low cascades in lush green surroundings, has many secrets; a great experience! 8 awesome waterfalls in Jamaica to pick your choice.

Jamaica, land of wood and water, is well known for reggae music, beach life and most of all stunning waterfalls. Making a choice can be hard, therefor we give you a hand by these 8 selected, awesome waterfalls. Falls from well-known tourist attractions to secret hidden gems surrounded by lush trees and colored flowers. Pick your choice and relax at the magnificent waterfalls in Jamaica, just remember to bring your swimsuit and water shoes.


1 Dunn’s River Falls

Dunn’s River is tourist attraction number one. Touristic and crowded or not, Dunn’s River Falls is a stunning waterfall to explore. Most able-bodied people will easily achieve the ascent. Take your own time clamber up great tiers of limestone that step down 180m and stay all day if you like or join a guided tour. As a result you will be surprised by the beauty of a series of magnificent cascades and pools, which are surrounded with palm trees.
Starting point is just above at sea level or all the way down at the white sand beach. As you walk down you’ll pass several arts & craft shops, bars & restaurants and playgrounds for children.
The biggest en best known waterfalls in Ocho Rios is great to combine with a tour to ‘Nine Mile Bob Marley Mausoleum’.



2 YS Falls

YS Falls is located in a beautiful park, surrounded by lush gardens and magnificent trees in the parish St. Elizabeth. You will be dropped at the starting point in a tractor-drawn jitney, which leads through a working cattle ranch.
The falls are created by rich limestone collections, which are completed with calm pools for swimming. Also free to use are the picnic areas, changing rooms and a Tarzan-style rope swing above a natural pool. When you need some assistance with climbing the seven cascades of the falls or making pictures, lifeguards are around and are grateful to help.
You can also enjoy the exhilarating canopy rides, which glide from the top of the falls to its base, throughout the forests. This will need an additional fee.
YS Falls can be combined with ‘Pelican Bar’


3 Mayfield Falls

A stunning drive from Negril through hills and villages leads to the more local look and feel of Mayfield Falls. This, off-the-beaten-path, natural spa is one of Jamaica’s hidden charms and unknown to most travellers. It is for sure the best experience when you want an escape from the hot sandy beach in Negril. An experienced location guide leads you through the mineral healing water, while revealing various secrets of the cascades and surroundings.
Mayfield Falls is still quite discreet, therefor usually allowing its guests to have a more or less private experience.



4 Reach Falls, Portland

Runaway slaves from plantations discovered Reach Falls. Without any doubts, it is a relaxing place in a pure forest with incredible vegetation. The natural heart-shaped pool is ideal for a swim and in the waterfall you will enjoy an energizing natural massage from the water flow. It is amazing when you are able to take the offer of the local guides and climb to the upper pools. Be careful because the wet stones in the river can are slippery.
You have to bring your climbing shoes and be prepared for a long climb to reach the top of the cascades, but then, as mentioned before, it is definitely worth it.
Get to Reach Falls through Manchioneal, a beautiful laid back fishing village. In the surroundings is Bath, also a natural, mineral river but with hot water and massage possibilities.


5 Fishdone Waterfalls, hidden gem

On the way from Buff Bay to the Blue Mountains, passing the communitie Tranquility, Fishdone Falls is be found at the bridge at Avocat; a perfect spot to relax.  Maybe Fishdone waterfall is not the best waterfall to climb, it is definitely good for a swim in the pool. Since 2019 Fishdone is privileged and it ask for an entrance fee. More up, to the next level, is a second fall, it might be possible to reach there with a location guide. Embrace the possibility for this special, local experience and be so kind to thank them with a tip.
For more excitement take a downhill bike tour and have a superb lunch break at the pool and falls.
Around and in the upper Blue Mountains are coffee plantations, guesthouses and hotels, see example on the next blog: http://bit.ly/2p8l9gm


6 Cane River Falls, Kingston

You’ll pass impressive rock stones descending to the river never seen before in Jamaica . The Cane River Falls, 9 mile from Kingston, were visited regularly by Bob Marley en has a local look and feel. A dip in the pool where a massive fall massage your back is the place to be.


7 Somerset Falls

The breath-taking waterfall is hidden in the rainforest, 3km east of Hope Bay. This is where the Daniels River plunges down a narrow gorge. Entrance fee includes a guided tour through a grotto by boat, therefor a stunning experience! Hidden Falls tumbles 10m into this jade-colored grotto.
At the entrance you’ll start with a walk in the tropical rainforest to the Hidden Falls. The tropical forest path takes you past the ruins of a Spanish aqueduct: there is history all over Jamaica! Furthermore you board a boat to travel beneath the tumbling water. Make sure to get your camera ready when you slowly pass their delicate descent.


8 Nanni Falls

Nanni Falls is a hidden fall in the Maroon village Moore Town. Visiting the Falls can’t be done without respecting the Maroons living in there farmland area. Visit the museum, let local people inform you about history and culture and climb down the rocks to the river where a beautiful fall plunge into the pool.
Arrange this trip within a 7-12 day round trip of Rappa Rasta Tours