EM Farming

Travellers giving back

Our guests Ron and Sylvia, who know everything about healthy soil for farming, horses and cows, wanted to do something back to Jamaica. Rappa Rasta Tours is informing farmers about natural farming, with the benefits of Effective Micro-organisms (EM) of Bio-Ron and Agriton.


EM, original from Japan and discovered more than 20 years ago, is a liquid of living, good bacteria, yeast and fungus, which are needed for a healthy environment.
Water the soil with EM, and the soil will get more oxygen. Seeds will grow better as roots have room to grow therefore, flowers and fruits will be bigger and stronger. Natural!
EM and EM products are good for composting too and you can use it for cleaning, disinfecting water and build houses to make them fungus -proof.

We add molasses and water to EM-1, and share the so called EM-A ‘ready to use’ with farmers. After a test fase we will distribute.  Would you like to know more? Contact us!

Farmers tips

Coffee grounds helps to get ants away. 
Sprinkle coffee grounds around plants or around your house and no ants nests will build at that spot. They also say coffee grounds helps against snails, but… not always.

Diversity in the garden
Lemon grass will keep annoying bugs at bay
Snails don’t like lime
But one of the best things to keep the soil healthy is diversity
– plant diffenrent plants next to eachother
– change every year crops

Banana tree
Palm tree and for instance sweet potato are an ideal combination with banana trees; they’ll  keep the shades and keep the soil cool


Bio-ron.com – With the aid of Bio-Ron (NL) we are introducing Effective Micro-organisms in Jamaica.

EMRO Japan – EM Research Organization Japan (the original manufacturer of EM, based in Japan)

Agriton NL – The manufacturer of the original EM in the Netherlands