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pelican bar guests having fun and drinking red stripe beer with tour guide
When one door is closed, don’t you know, another is open.”
Bob Marley

Merry Chistmas & A Happy New Year!

Summer was very very quite concerning tours but winter time is doing great. At Christmas Rappa was on a 11-day-tour with a couple from Austria. And now at New Years Eve he will be with 2 people on a 9 – day – tour. I suppose there will be a party at Treasure Beach – Jack Sprat….

As most of you know the door is (almost) closed in Negril as a lot of things in Rappa’s yard were stolen or damaged and the threats were to much to handle. And yes, another door is open because Rappa went back to his village in Manchester where he tries to finish the house of his uncle (who lives in the UK) while living there now most of the time. This village is an oasis of green, views, peace and tranquility.

You are welcome not only for a work-holyday, but also to get a Country-Retreat. What? Yeah mon, a healing Country-Retreat looks like you chill at the yard.  Information about the retreat and the area is explained in this blog.

Looking forward into 2024
– we hope for less Jeep repairings,
– many more visitors on our authentic and unique tours,
– helping hands in Manchester,
– more new blogs about specific parishes and their specialties
– and as always a lot of fun and love

Blessings and respect, meaning; many thanks to you all for making this happen as we can’t do it without you!

Manchester Work-Holyday at the country side Rappa Rasta Tours


Remember from the last blog we told about the Work-Holyday? So this is what Mitchell did: He came for the whole month and helped Rappa out with doors, painting and all kind of yard work.

In he other 2 weeks they explored the island as Mitchell did like to have a 10 day tour as well. Mitchell and Rappa became friends and enjoyed their time in Jamaica. “Everything Mitchell touched, turned into gold’, as Rappa smiled.


St. Mary blog at our website

This is the introduction of the blog of St. Mary, The full blog can be found on this page as well.Robbins Bay area, for instance, is a non-touristic aera that is definitely worth exploring.

After Portland we like to show you amazing places in St. Mary, the parisch in between St. Ann (Ocho Rios) and Portland (Port Antonio) at the north west coast of Jamaica. Tainos sites, Spanish forts, English churches, 3 main rivers, waterfalls, great houses and beaches invite adventurous and eco-travellers to explore St. Mary. Read more about these awesome tips right away!


This is what our guests say

“Had a fantastic versatile trip with Rappa Rasta! Thanks to Rappa I got to know the real Jamaica, away from the tourist centers. With his relaxed vibe and good conversations about anything and everything, the days have flown by! I can recommend a trip with Rappa to anyone who is open to getting to know Jamaica.” Tirtsa
“Hi Sandra! We (sadly 😉) arrived well back in Negril yesterday evening. It was a fantastic trip and a once in a lifetime experience. Rappa did an amazing job and we had a great time in our little roadtrip gang 😊 Big thanks for all your work!    Blessings Birgit and Arne”

“Hi Sandra, we had a really nice tour! Black River and Appleton were a lot of fun, we actually got everywhere just in time so it wasn’t too busy somehow, very chill!
56 Hope Road was very beautiful, it was a shame about Tuff Gong, but we went back via the toll road, towards Belmont: we got there at a quarter to 5. The gate seemed closed, but Tosh’s cousin, the manager, quickly arrived! In short: together with Rappa we spent about 45 minutes at Belmont and everything was explained to us. Small “highlight”: we were also able to talk to one of Tosh’s sons, very cool. Perhaps in the end I found Belmont more impressive than, for example, Nine Miles. All in all a very successful tour! Thanks!” Wim

Dear travellers, Wishing the blog is giving you irie vibes.
We hope all is fine with you and we are looking forward to hearing from you. We like your vibes for real, your pictures and also the good words you speak about us and your recommendations.Thanks again and we soon link again. Rappa & Sandra

When you like information about your Jamaica tours, when you have a question or when you want to request a quote,please reach out through email, thank you!

7 amazing, unknown treasures of St. Mary

7 amazing, unknown treasures of St. Mary

Irie travel tips to explore the real Jamaica on a natural Rasta way

St. Mary at the north coast, in between Portland and St. Ann, is known as Jamaica’s banana and coconut parish. It is a beautiful parish with great history which goes back to the time of the Arawaks (Tainos).
I immediately fell in love with this undeveloped and remote parish that exudes a serene tranquility mixed with the liveliness of its residents.
Tainos sites, Spanish forts, English churches, 3 main rivers, waterfalls, great houses and beaches are invite adventurous and eco-travellers to explore St. Mary. Read more about these awesome tips right away!

1. Annotto Bay

Coming from Portland, Annotto Bay is the first village you pass. Once it was an active port and is named from the abundance of the Annatto trees in the area.

Train Station Annotto Bay

5 things to discover when in Annotto Bay

  1. the Annatto Tree, with her medicinal purposes
  2. get a glimpse of sea turtles at Annotto Bay Beach
  3. pay a visit to the First Baptist Church (1824) and admire the various decorative motives and architraves
  4. visit the ruín of the so called ‘banana boat’ train station, where sadly only concrete blocks are visible
  5. clamber on the unusually large boulders of the Wag Water River riverbed

2. Robins Bay

Wander through the small village of Robin’s Bay; it offers one of the last pieces of undeveloped coastline in all of Jamaica. Small bars and restaurants are dotted around the Robin’s Bay area, offering food and drink options. Enjoy the public beaches or the private one at Strawberry Fields Together. For the fit and adventourous there are real tough hikes to the most stunning and hidden waterfalls.

Strawberry Fields Together

You wouldn’t want to miss the private Jamaican oceanfront (villa) experience at Strawberry Fields Together! The property is named after the popular Beatles song ‘Strawberry Fields Forever’. Join in for a day at the beach, or rent a cottage of one of the well-designed villas and stay for a few days. Even low budget travellers are invited to pitch their tent. How great is this!

Green Castle Estate eco-experience

More than 1000 years ago indigenous Tainos inhabited the Green Castle Site. Around 1850 it was a prominent plantation of sugarcane and bananas. Nowadays it’s one of the largest orchid and organic farms in the Caribbean, with educational eco-experiences for visitors.
This will definitely an awesome experience for relaxation, overlooking the mountains from your balcony, having a dip in the ocean in front of you, and enjoying the farm tour.

Blue Hole Green Castle Estate, St. Mary

3. History and waterfalls

Nature lovers and waterfall hunters will visit Robins Bay for a hike to the undeveloped waterfalls. These are truly non-commercialized and back to nature as they are hidden deep in the jungle. Do you want to explore these beautiful waterfalls? Join us on our 12 day tour around Jamaica.

Tacky’s War

Once a Chief from Ghana an enslaved man, Takyi, gathered a group of enslaved people on Easter Monday 1760 and proceeded to murder their enslavers. The march led to Port Maria. Now it’s not clear what happend after. The British version is that the Maroons shot him, turned him in and beheaded him. The oral version though is that Takyi escaped behind what is now Tacky Falls. Which story is plausible to you?

Tacky Falls

Tacky falls is named after the Coromantee slave Takyi, who lead the slave rebellion in 1760.
An adventurous hike along a steep, narrow trail leads to the 60m tall Tacky Falls, therefor this hidden, unspoiled gem of mother nature can be discovered only for the brave and fit.
Solo travellers can ask around in the village or at Strawberry Field Together for a guide.

Kwame Falls

Not far from Tacky Falls, Kwame Falls is another off the beaten track nature attraction. The falls are named after Kwame, which is a masculine Akan name of Ghanaian origin meaning ‘Born on Saturday’.
Kwame fight besides Takyi in the rebellion, 71 years before the more famous rebellion of Samuel Sharpe at the south coast area.
The hike follows an unspoiled, scenic, coastal trail past empty beaches and old ruins to the hidden Kwame Waterfall.
When you’re not so much into the hiking, you can journey, by a 20-minute fishing boat ride, to the Black Sand Beach and walk only 15 minutes to the falls.

4. Riu Nuevo

The Rio Nuevo, a small river that trickles down from the hills of the parish of St Mary, lends its name to the small village on the coastline where the river enters the sea.
At Rio Nuevo in 1658, the most definitive battle between the English and the Spanish over the control of Jamaica took place.

Rio Nuevo diving

Dive at one of the best scuba-diving sites off the coast of Jamaica, just offshore from Jamaica Beach. The reef, called the Rio Nuevo Wall, is a 25-foot dive and supports barracudas, turtles, parrotfish and other tropical marine life in its mountainous coral formations.

Rio Nuevo Battle Site Historical Park

On the actual battlefield site, part of the Jamaican National Heritage Trust, there is a monument to all the Jamaicans, both of African and Spanish descent, who fought the invading British valiantly albeit unsuccessfully. The battle was fought in 1658 after a mere 150 years of Spanish rule.

You’re lucky when the museum is open. But then it provides information about the battle and history of the Rio Nuevo area from the time the Tainos settled there. Otherwise it’s just the monument sign to admire.

Rio Nuevo Village – Heritage Treasure Tour in Paradise


Rio Nuevo Village was once part of the biggest Taino settlements in St Mary and is currently one of the most significant historical sites on the island. It houses the great house and a museum that has one of the most comprehensive collections of authentic Taino artefacts in Jamaica, which are dating back more than 1,000 years.

In the 1600s it operated as a sugar plantation and was a vital spot in terms of the trade in slaves and goods. Unfortunately much of the history found here (around 1700-1800) isn’t really listed, as the site appears to have been a military base.

5. Tainos sites

Taino Heritage Camp, Oracabessa

Live as a Taino! This is a unique way to enjoy the traditional lifestyle of Jamaican first inhabitants. The yukayeke, village, is a working farm and heritage centre that acts as an educational platform to highlight Taino culture. Take one of their walks, attend workshops or have an under-the-stars-experience.

More Taino sites

Situated along the Rio Nuevo Valley Basin, St. Mary and into the hills as far south as Bellevue, some ten miles away, is a complex of Taino sites. The largest Taino site in this area covers an area of some 21,000 square meters, to mention:

  • Camp Don, Robbins Bay
  • Camp site
  • Coleraine
  • Wentworth site, near Port Maria, west of Annotto Bay.

6. Port Maria

The capital Port Maria, a beautiful coastal town with a rich history, has the greatest number of monuments, historical sites and ruins. It was one of the earliest areas to be settled by the Spanish. In 1658 the English decisively beat off the Spanish in their bid to recapture Jamaica.
 But Port Maria was also the biggest port from the 1800s to the 1940s for the export of sugar and bananas, before it was destroyed by a series of hurricanes.

Jungle Experience Guesthouse_St. Mary

Are you brave enough for e real jungle experience? Stay a few days at Anna’s & Winston’s guesthouse, admire their arts & crafts and explore the area. Winston is an excellent chef and the dogs will make you feel right at home, not to mention Anna’s care, the lovely cabin and huge yard.

River Lodge_Robbins Bay_St. Mary

Rappa and Michael Fabulous; artist and co-owner guesthouse Tina’s
Artists Group and Rappa Rasta

7. Oracabessa

The place always has been famous for Ian Flemings books and the James Bond movies and has once again become known as an artist community with studios operated by musicians, painters, and carvers.

Ian Fleming’s Golden Eye, now the most luxurious hotel on the island lays next to the even older, spectacular villa Golden Clouds. In 1976 Bob Marley bought Golden Eye and sold it to Chris Blackwell shortly before his death. Both are 5-star villas rented by famous movie stars and artists. It seems to be the most pretty, bounty place with private beach on earth.

View from Fire Fly

The Oracabessa Bay Fish Sanctuary was established in 2010 to protect Oracabessa’s marine ecosystem. There are several reefs, mangroves and beaches.

James Bond Beach, the venue for many of Jamaica’s big outdoor concerts and parties, and the beautiful Reggae Beach are open for public.


  • Sugar Pot Beach and Restaurant: The rich history of the land includes the ruins which they found in its natural form and decided to keep, as well as the two almost 300-year-old sugar pots, one of which is seen at the entrance. No wonder they named the dream destination ‘Sugar Pot Ruins’
Rio Nuevo Beach
    Golden Eye Beach, private
  • Reggae Beach
  • James Bond Beach
  • Pagee Beach, Port Maria


  • White River: excitement and adrenaline seekers are going for the famous White River Rafting / tubing experience
  • Rio Nuevo: a small river that trickles down from the hills of the parish of St. Mary
  • Wag Water: from St. Andrew to the sea at Annatto Bay, this riverbed is covered with amazing, large boulders

Where to stay

  • Green Castle Estate, Robbins Bay
  • Strawbery Fields Together, Robbins Bay
  • Tina’s guesthouse, Boscobel – Michael Fabulous artist and Beverly arts & crafts
  • Green Palace Jamaica, Oracabessa
  • Jungle Experience, guesthouse in the hills of Port Maria – arts & crafts at Sugar Pot Beach

Book your 12-day-tour here!

9 x What to do in Portland?

Boston Bay jump ocean

9 unique Portland tips

Portland with its capital Port Antonio is a unique base for a trip to Caribbean Jamaica. It has several beautiful bays, authentic villages and the Blue Mountains within reach. If you want to get away from the more touristy places like Ocho Rios and Negril, Portland is a must visit during your stay in Jamaica.

Surf, snorkel and chill on the beach, eat delicious Jerk chicken, cool off in rivers and enjoy waterfalls, explore farmland and visit Maroon town. Portland has it all.
Explore Jamaica in an authentic, natural way with tour guide Rappa Rasta and read all about it here.
Nederlandse versie hier

Port Antonio view Titchfield Peninsula Harbour

1. Admire historic Port Antonio

Port Antonio is Portland’s ‘laid back’ capital; the first place in Jamaica where tourists settled. Around 1880 banana exports were at their peak and departing boats full of bananas returned with tourists. They stayed on the Titchfield peninsula where you can still admire hotels in Georgian and Victorian style.

Port Antonio Jamaica Palms Rappa Rasta Tours  

Eat yammie ice cream at the famous Devon House ‘I-scream’ at the marina, west of the Titchfield Peninsula and enjoy the view over Navy Island. Walk past the ruins of Folly Estate after admiring the Folly Point Lighthouse, built in 1888.
Visit the nearby arts and crafts market before ending the day with delicious local food.
Ask Rappa about the possibilities for a farm tour or chill in the hills of Port Antonio at the farm bar.

Port Antonio_The Montevin Lodge exterieur.jpg  

DeMontevin Lodge Port Antonio – Portland
In 1923 ‘Queen Elizabeth, The Queen Mother’ stayed at DeMontevin. Queen Elizabeth II visited in 1953 and 1966. A lot of the famous and rich spent time at this Victorian stijle hotel.

2. Unwind on one of Portland’s 5 gorgeous beaches

  • Dream away at Frenchman’s Cove

    Romance at its best in Frenchman’s Cove, a circular bay surrounded by jungle. White, fine sand with palm trees and clear, cool, turquoise water make the Caribbean dream of Jamaica. This quiet and secluded beach is part of the resort, so for about 15 usd you get access to this photogenic paradise.

    Frenchman Cove

  • Snorkel the reef at San San Beach

    Snorkel the reef, rent a kayak or swim to Pellew Island (Monkey Island) at San San Beach. This beach is mainly visited by the wealthy residents of the area and tourists from the nearby expensive hotels. However, it’s a quiet beach, fully equipped and for which an entrance fee is charged. You will therefore not easily encounter locals, but it’s a wonderful spot for snorkeling.

    San San beach for snorkling

  • Swimming in the Blue Lagoon

    Blue Lagoon, famous for the 1980 movie of the same name starring actress Brooke Shields, reopened not too long ago (Summer 2023). It certainly is a beautiful lagoon to swim in or take a trip on a bamboo raft. Life jackets are now mandatory.
    In the 55 meter deep lagoon, the warm water of the Caribbean Sea meets the cool water of underground freshwater springs. This gives the Blue Lagoon its special color that changes from turquoise to deep blue.
    Blue Lagoon raft

  • The local look & feel of Winnifred Beach – Portland

    Walking from the main road you descend via a narrow path to the beach. Easier is the detour over the asphalt road that takes you directly to the beach. Make a small contribution towards parking at one of Jamaica’s last public beaches, where everyone is welcome. Acordingly it’s the charm of the beach.
    There are eateries and bars and the atmosphere is really chill. The locals keep the beach clean; therefor a tip is appreciated.

    Winnifred Beach Portland

  • Surf the waves of Boston Beach

    One of the most beautiful bays along the coast in Portland is the turquoise, bowl-shaped bay of Boston Beach. White soft sand where rocks embellish the bay. The waves are usually high enough for surfing. Here you will meet locals who enjoy the game just like you. Rent a board or take surfing lessons. If the waves are not high enough, the ultimate alternative is to eat Jerk chicken which is just around the corner.

    Boston Beach

3. Visit Maroon village & Nanni Falls

Moore Town Museum

Following the river through mountainous terrain, you will arrive at Maroon Village ‘Moore Town’; the village with a prettily museum. You may come across the village’s ‘Colonel’, who is happy to talk about the village’s history and future.
We will put you in touch with a Rasta farmer who can show you, feel and smell everything that grows and blooms in the hills.
Coconut cutting

Nanni Falls river   Nanni Falls Moore Town

After some scrambling and climbing there is the unique reward of Nanni Falls.
Hidden in the hills, this waterfall splashes from a great height into a pool where you can cool off and enjoy nature at its best.

4. Sail to Somerset Falls – Hope Bay

Portland Somerset falls
Somerset Falls in rainforest, Port Antonio, Jamaica

Hidden in the rainforest are the non-touristy Somerset Falls. Here the Daniel River plunges down from a height of 10 m. You reach this waterfall by boat through jade-colored caves.
Be sure to bring your swimsuit and cameras for breathtaking photos and videos. At the entrance is a bar and restaurant, but the waterfall itself is secluded in nature: unspoiled.

5. Chillen on the Rio Grande bamboo raft

Rio Grande Raft_Guide  

Go with the flow on the Rio Grande bamboo raft in Portland and enjoy the views during the 2 – 2.5 hour raft. Jump in the river for a swim and stop for a delicious local dish from Belinda’s restaurant. Rappa drops you off at the starting point and picks you up at the finish.

6. Endless time at Long Bay

Long Bay is a mile-long beach in a laid-back environment that attracts backpackers and bohemians. You will not find resorts but guesthouses booked by nature lovers. There are several restaurants, bars and a library. The current is strong so be careful when you take a dip.

7. Eat fish in Manchioneal

The fishing village of Manchioneal on the far east side of Jamaica is worth a visit for at least 3 reasons:

  • Enjoy the waves crashing against the cliffs at Turtle Bay Cove. The amazing rock plateau overlooks the Blue Mountains and is home to a magnificent bay. Descend a bit and swim in this crystal clear, light green – turquoise water.
    Cousin Popson lives around the corner and is happy to show you this special environment. However, this ‘off the beaten track’ paradise has also been privatized and access will have to be requested.

    Manchioneal rock plateau Turtle bay cove
    Don’t confuse Turtle Bay Cove with Turtle Beach, which is just a bit more in the direction of Saint Thomas. A still undiscovered, free-to-go, paradise beach.

  • Eating fish in the fishing port on the edge of the village at a local restaurant or who knows, ‘yard cooking’ can take place at Cousin Popson. In any case, it is nice to taste the atmosphere of the fishing village.
    Rappa and Popson  Preparing Fish

  • Cool off at Reach River and spend time as locals do: chilling, talking, listening to music and drinking rum. Visiting Reach River Falls is of course also an option. The river splashes over a large rock in a pool. Hike upstream through the Driver’s River with a guide and visit the underwater cave.

    Reach river Portland

8. Hiking to Blue Mountain peak

Climb the top, or rather; walk in about three hours (from Whitfield Hall) to the highest peak of the Blue Mountains (2256m). In this UNESCO World Heritage Site, you pass through all kinds of vegetation and of the ferns alone there are hundreds of species.
Sometimes you’ll have a beautiful view and another time you will end up in the fog, which then gives off a blue glow, hence the name Blue Mountains.

Blue Mountain Peak

Sleep in cozy rooms or in bunckbeds at the still working, old coffee plantation, where they serve delicouse food for dinner and breakfast. Depart early morning for the sun rise at the peak. You realy don’t want to miss this!

Blue Mountain Whitfiled Hall

Whitfiled Hall is only accessible by 4WD. This special location is the closest to the top, in addition the food is super good, which is why Rappa Rasta Tours choose for this favorite stop-over.

9. Explore Holywell National Park in the Blue Mountains

Stay overnight in a cabin at Holywell NP in the Blue and John Crown Mountains. Enjoy the fantastic view over Kingston. Hike on narrow marked paths through the jungle and past coffee bushes. Then cook your own meal or eat at the unique Eits Café (Seven Mile Post), open on requests also for lunch.

Blue Mountain mist  Blue Mountain view

Holywell is located on the highest part between the north and south coasts of Jamaica. Are you from Kingston? Then head through the mountains, past coffee plantations, villages and waterfalls towards Buff Bay – Port Antonio. On our 10 day tour we pass Holywell NP.

Waterfall Fish Dunn Jamaica

Look here for our 10 day tour model,  
Solo travelers who like to join a tour together (2-4 people), you are welcome, just link us.

Contact us for bookings.

Are you traveling to Jamaica? Use natural sunscreen that does damage the reef nor yourself. Anti-mosquito spray (mosquito repellent) is in Jamaica for sale on a natural basis. Have you been stung? Make sure you have Tea Tree Oil with you, add a drop on the bite as soon as possible. This way you prevent intense itching while bumps disappear quickly. Sun burnt? Aloe vera (single bible) cools and restores the skin.

Summer blog 2023

Real Devon House I-sream
“Sun is shining. Weather is sweet. Make you wanna move your dancing feet.”
Bob Marley
Summer blog 2023 is showing the latest news about Rappa Rasta Tours and Jamaica.


Summer time; 30 degrees in The Netherlands but still longing
for the turquoise ocean of Negril, Jamaica…

If you are adventurous or have seen the hot spots more than once, you must explore everyday life in small villages and meet the hidden gems of Caribbean Jamaica.
Read about Manchester retreat, solo travellers and herb farms!

Solo travelers; join Rappa Rasta Tours

How awesome is this?!

Sandra’s first trip to Jamaica (10 years ago) was as a solo traveller. Awesome impressions are from that time. Although it’s not always easy, Jamaica is a beautiful island, where you can easily get in touch with the locals. With a little faith and courage it will make the best experiences and memories ever.
“Great laughs, nature and vibrant people; it felt like home from the start”.

Full joy Mayfield Falls-Rappa Rasta

Guess what?
This year we got different requests from solo travelers. And we really like to say: ‘Yes, come join us!’ So how about joining a small group of 3 – 4 people for a 10-day tour?
Look at this model how your 10-days tour could look like.

When is a good time to go?

An excellent time to visit Jamaica outside the summer holidays and the high season in the middle of winter are these 3 months:

  • October – after the summer heat
  • Februari – winter break
  • June – in between holidays

There is no bad time though!
If you like to visit a typical Jamaican festival like Reggae Sumfest or Rebel Salute, you should think about January or July.

Exploring the real Jamaica on a natural Rasta way.
Solo travellers, are you ready to join? We offer Authentic Travels in a Unique Style!

Link through our contact form and let us know your name, email address, age, wishes and month in which you want to discover Jamaica!


Country Retreat

1. Come, stay for free and help finishing the house: work
2. Give yourself a real Jamaican Country Retreat: chill

Picture above: Huge house Uncle Daniël
Pictures below: Destroyed house of Rappa by hurricane Ivan- Fruits all about as Manchester is farm land.

1. Transforming the house of uncle; work with pleasure

A long time ago, Rappa helped his uncle build his house. Although the house was still unfinished even then, Rappa lived there with his daughter for a while when she was little. This was during Hurricane Ivan (2004). His house, not far from the village square, was completely destroyed: three walls are still standing. Unfortunately, his house could never be rebuilt, but there was and still is room enough in Uncle Daniel’s house.

Fixing it up

Uncle Daniel has moved to the UK and has lived there for many years. The construction project has been halted and the condition of the house has deteriorated due to the weather, birds and people.

However, Rappa has conceived the plan to move back in and fix up the house.
Bird and wasp nests have been removed, floors swept and scrubbed. The bathroom is ready to be tiled and the roof needs to be repaired. There are still many chores to do, because the kitchen can be built and the garden also needs flowers, herbs and fruit trees in addition to maintenance.

Enough things to do. And what could be more fun than working on this project together?
One love, one heart, one destiny!


Farm coconut palm_EM 












Pictures above: Hall way with staircase –  Old grandparents house (were Rappa grew up from time to time – Renovation Project Bathroom – Herb and fruit farm

The more souls… the more fun.

Your help is welcome and it would be fun and relaxing too.
It’s great if you have knowledge of certain jobs. But otherwise, Rappa is there to teach you things, so don’t worry. In any case, you will cook together, so Jamaican cooking class is of course part of the stay 😉

Would you like to join Rappa helping with the ‘yard’, staying for a week or even more?
Your skills and company are more than welcome. Overnight stay is free, just set a date, buy your ticket and learn about Rasta livety.

sign up for a relaxing and fun working holiday!

2. Jamaican Country Retreat; Time for yourself – Chill

Are you ready to give yourself a healing Country Retreat?
This is a unique opportunity to rest, recharge, meet people if you wish or relax in a hammock or going to the nearby Milk River Spa- mineral bath.

  Pictures above: View from the house with ocean in the back; chilling in the hammock
Spring water to drink and cool off at south coast river.

Things to do nearby

Just outside the village you can visit a spice farm where you will be warmly welcomed. In the village itself there is a school, a few shops and bars. A lot of Rappa’s family lives in the village and because Rappa partly grew up there, he of course knows everyone and vice versa.

Rappa’s yard is set back from the square on a dirt road surrounded by farmland and houses. Drinking water can be obtained from the pump at the end of the dirt road, or can be purchased in the shop. Rainwater for toilet and shower comes from the tank.
At night, when the wind blows, it is cool. But it can also be warm in Manchester.

You are welcome to come any time to chill; no need to wait till the project is finished. Just keep in mind, it’s not a 5 star-hotel with high class services.
You need to love a natural way of living, maybe you’ll cook your own dinner, walk around, chat to people or just like to read a book and enjoying the view.

If you are a person who needs continuous Wi-Fi, be aware that Wi-Fi is not always available.
Ask Rappa for the latest update about access and solutions by Jamaican sim card with access.
Overnight stays for the Country Retreat are fee based.

Get this laid back experience in a peaceful village and send us a message!

Natural farm in Manchester
tea – herbs – coconut – fruits

There is more to explore in the small village in the middle of farmland than you can imagen…
Although bauxite mining is coming close to villages in Manchester, farmers still try to keep their property and produce melon, scallion, coconut, herbs and tea.

The owner of the farm, Mr Williams, works with local farmers; buying their products as well. Since 1985 the demand for peppermint has been high, initially for export to Canada. The Jamaican peppermint is now very popular as a tea and is in great demand for brands such as Tops and Sipacupa. You can find these in the supermarket in Jamaica.

Mr. Williams is not always present at his farm, but often there are farmers on the property. There are regular educational tours for schoolchildren, students and farmers. But as a tourist / traveler there are no special tours; it is not located in a tourist area.
Nevertheless it is possible to bring a visit at the farm, it is customary to contribute.


Farm tour

During the tour you will learn about organic farming such as coconut trees and spices for tea. It’s amazing what kind of natural products can be used to keep certain insects away without killing them.
The farm is well known for the drying facility. Spices are dried in a controlled environment, this saves on loss of herbs, among other things.

Almost any herb can be used as tea
Besides of peppermint the farm produces rosemary, basil, moringa, cerasee and for instance turmeric.
Sandra’s favorite is definitely Lemon Grass.
What is your favorite herb tea?

What’s up?

  • Our guests from the Netherlands brought seat covers for the Jeep. We are grateful to meet such lovely people and they thoroughly enjoyed their West End tour with Rappa.
    Quote: We have a great day with Rappa Rasta Tours  Rappa Rasta. Seen a lot, which we otherwise would never have been able to see!! Learned a lot of interesting things from Jamaica. Thanks Rappa!!!

  Guests in Jeep and tour guide standing outside

  • Most of the days Rappa is spending in the village he grew up; far south coast / Mandeville area. He is building a bathroom and kitchen to finish up the house his uncle started many years ago.
    But  when guests are coming; Rappa’s on the road!
    Lately he’s done two 10 day tours and it’s been (J)amazing as always. Once again there is much to discover, and a lot of fun, so we are building beautiful memories with you.
  • Yeh yeh…Sandra finally paid a visit to Jamaica in March; she could only spend 2 weeks this time ;-(  After a few days on the beach in Negril, both worked hard to get the house and the Jeep in a better condition.
    The Jeep got a new windscreen already and little by little things will be up; wait for the new paint next year!
  • Blue Lagoon is open again! No fee asked for a swim, but in or on the water a security vest is required. Parking is way up the road, therefor a drop off can be arranged.

So dear travelers, thank you for exploring Jamaica with us. We are grateful for your trust and the time we spent together. We love to show you the beautiful Jamaica in an authentic way and are happy to see your smiles when on tour!
One love family, Blessings & Respect.

Look here: Information, quotes and bookings

All about your Jamaica holiday

West End Negril Snorkeling Jamaica

Jamaica, the land of wood and water, reggae music, Bob Marley and turquoise coloured ocean is a Caribbean island you have to visit once in your life. The nature is stunning: beaches, waterfalls, jungle and mountains. And together with the

Jamaicans are music lovers, friendly to visitors and they like to discuss. With the history of slavery, the knowledge of nature, healing herbs and the special positive vibes of Jamaicans your travel experience is one always to remember.
Are you planing your Jamaica holiday? I’ve got some tipa for you
This blog is about tips when planning your


When to go & what about the weather?

Jamaica can be visited all over the year, with its high season from November till March/April. Don’t expect it to be overload with tourists during this time although the lines at Dunn’s River Falls can be a bit longer.

Most people don’t like to visit during hurricane season, which is from August till October. Rain and cloudy skies can threaten Jamaica more in September and October and. May can have some showers as well.  I went to Jamaica several times in the month October; peaceful and quite after the summer heat.

December and January are great for warm temperature in day time and a bit cooler at night. At evenings you may need a long sleeve T-shirt.
January is also good for Rebel Salute Reggae festival.
February is awesome for Bob Marley Music celebrations.
Keep in mind the months July and August can be uncomfortable hot and ocean water will not cool you down.

So the weather will be one reason to pick your month but other reasons might be even more  important to you. There is no good or wrong month for Jamaica.



Coming from Europe there are plenty possibilities to fly to Jamaica.
From Belgium and The Netherlands Tui you fly to Montego Bay airport.  You may find great options with Delta to Atlanta or so, then transfer to Montego Bay. Germany has very good options from Düsseldorf with Eurowings or Condor to Montego Bay. UK have flights to Kingston. Even from Sweden and Swiss you can fly to Jamaica.

Save some space in your suitcase if you are willing to bring some clothes and other stuff for Rappa or schoolchildren or dogs. Just link me (Sandra) for a package or an extra suitcase to bring.


Where to stay?

In general people do fly to Montego Bay and stay at Ochio Rios, Runnaway Bay, Montego Bay or Negril. Rappa lives in Negril and can pick you up. The longest stretch of beach is in Negril; the seven mile beach. Reggae parties with live music are helt at Negril beach.

Ocho Rios is close to Nine Miles Bob Marley Mausoleum and Dunn’s River Falls. There are plenty other attractions to visit when staying in Ochi. The town itself is touristic and hustlers are all about. When you are looking for a resort and relaxation, it’s a good place to stay. Or maybe you like to visit clubs; Ochi is the place to be.

Runnaway Bay, a small village, is ideal for resort and relaxation. It’s only one hour drive to the Mausoleum of Bob Marley.

Honestly there is no reason to stay in Montego Bay except for beach and shopping.

Beach Negril boat ocean_RRT  

Are you adventures and searching for reggae music, a long beach to walk, bars and restaurants, you are at Negril on the right place. You can mingle among Jamaicans. Although there is some hassle on the beach as well it is more quiet than Ochi.
Negril has a beach side and cliff side – West End. There are local and tourists restaurants, shops and bars. I prefer the beach side as there it’s easy to move freely and there are great live music performances.
More information to find at the blog ‘Where to stay in Negril?’

The surroundings of Negril are waiting to explore. Day trips from your hotel or a multiple day round tour gives you an idea of the real Jamaica. Tours are a mix of hot spots and off the beaten path places.

When you are a regular visitor of Jamaica you will love to explore other parts of Jamaica like Port Antonio and surroundings and Treasure Beach.
Check out this 10 day tour example to get to know the hidden gems of Jamaica.

3 reasons why you should travel with an experienced tour guide

Guests in Jeep and tour guide standing outside

Are you going on a holiday, looking forward to get a real impression of your holiday destination? Would you like to discover hidden gems, meet local people and visiting most interesting scenery in a safe way?
It is recommended to start your adventure with an experienced tour guide. You don’t have to give up your private moments and in addition, your holiday will be relaxed, fun, beyond expectations and save you time. To get the most out of your holiday, choose a local, private, professional tour guide!

road of bridge damage hole  Landslide road damage

1. Road conditions & safety

In many countries, or parts of the country, roads are in bad condition and more difficult to drive as you used to. First question when on holiday should be whether the driving is at the left or right side of the road. You need to know if signs are putting up, if roads are having names and if there is a reliable roadmap.

You need to know the condition of the road concerning potholes, verges and street lights. A little adventure is part of the game, making your holiday special, but you need to prepare if you plan to explore small villages, mountain areas and dirt roads.
Behavior of drivers cause irritation and stress or in a worse scenario leading into an accident. It is amazing how dangerous people can drive: speeding up, over take in corners or with on coming traffic, switching lanes or ignoring red light. You have to be careful and this can take all of your energie.

Goats are crossing

goats are crossing dirt road

Some countries allow animals on the street. Holy cows in India or even elephants are not strange. Goats, dogs, chickens or horses on the road can be romantic in little villages or abandoned roads, but very dangerous on highways or anything in between. Be prepared in Central or South America, Africa or some Caribbean countries like Jamaica.

Safety and relaxation during your holiday has a high priority. Road conditions are a very good topic to choose a guide who knows the conditions and has good driving skills.

Statute Bob Marley Kingston guests and guide  Exploring a river with a tour guide in Jamaica  Guest and guide in food shop Jamaica

2. Lots of fun & inspiration

When having the perfect tour guide who is passionate about travelling, he will show you special places and will give interesting or enlightening information about historic sites, nature attractions, scenic locations, culture and other travel destinations.

His story telling skills about music, history or real life situations will enrich your travel.

In your travel schedule will be space to take breaks along the way. Stops for drinks, taking pictures but also  showing fruit trees, herbs and meeting people. The tour guide knows where to find local restaurants, bars, hidden rivers to cool off and amazing viewpoints. All you have to do is enjoy.

Pelican Bar Jamaica sunset silhouet  guests and guide fun in shopping mall with Bob Marley statute  Local food Jamaica tour guide

Off the beaten path

Being flexible from both sides can result in a unique experience; an authentic meeting or stunning nature place. A tiny bit adventure on the way makes your holiday never to forget. So if you have the chance to stop at an organic farm, a heritage site, local party or hidden waterfall; do it!

A local tour guide will show you good places for arts & crafts to buy souvenirs, the best en nicest bays and knows where to find delicious food. For an awesome experience meet up with friends and family of the guide; it gives that extra touch on top of your day.

The knowledge and services of a guide are intended to protect and show the beauty of his country. A professional tour guide puts safety first. With love and proud he will show you as much as he can, he will advise and help where needed.

Even though you might have travelled a lot, each country has her own special situation, where circumstances can change. Take advice from the guide; he will be responsible for you.

Video: Tour guide speaks with guest

3. time saving

Holidays are short and travellers like to see it all. It is an impossible task but most people will put it on their shoulders. They might return back home, in need of a holiday. Saving time is one of the important benefits when exploring the country with a tour guide.

The greatest tour guide is charismatic, caring and has humor

A tour guide will make your travel comfortable, easy, convenient, relax and safe. Knowing the way in the country will save time. He is describing points of interest and it is his responsibility purchasing tickets to museums, parks and attractions. First of all you are having a great time. You have to take care of your sunscreen and other belongings, your water bottle and camera, then you follow the guide.

Boston Bay, beach and ocean from parking Martha Brae Bamboo Raft 


Top it up

You also will enjoy profits by taxiservices when going shopping after arrival at your hotel, watch sunset at the beach or going out for dinner or a drink in the evening. In consultation the driver / tour guide is there for you when having questions and special wishes.

Take advantage of a tour guide by his taxi services, but take your responsibility also for all extra services you are asking during your round trip. Overnights stays, food, drinks and tips are part of the game. Having a private tour guide, working 24×7 is a respectful job. Make sure to show respect too.

Bio farm tea RappaRasta Tours    


  • Safety and relaxation during your holiday has a high priority. Road conditions are a very good topic to choose a guide who knows the conditions and has good driving skills.
  • When having the perfect tour guide who is passionate about travelling, he will share enlightening information about historic sites, scenic locations, hidden gems, restaurants, culture and other travel destinations. All you have to do is enjoy.
  • Saving time is a great benefit as the guide / driver knows the way around, purchasing tickets at attractions and helps out with all kind of needs and questions during your holiday.


Newsletter: So much things happend we have to share 2020

Newsletter: So much things happend we have to share 2020

mug logo Rappa Rasta Tours

We are happy to inform you in tis newsletter about ‘5 year celebration Rappa Rasta Tours’, our cute member of the family ‘Sheba’, the ‘property’ Rappa hopefully can stay on, EM Farming, a 7 days round tour and the new Website.


Rappa Rasta Tours is grateful and happy for your trust and adventurous interests. We did so many great tours and met such lovely people, each and every one of you! Some of you became friends, some of you came back exploring other parts of Jamaica, some stayed in the yard for a while. Check out some high lights which are great to mention for now.

ice cream Devon House_Rappa Rasta Tours

We are happy with all your 5 star reviews on Face Book and interviews on our website.
Al those stories when traveling with you, day trips or multiple day round tours, are in our memories.
We should have written it down, having a book filled with many, many, great, awesome, unique and authentic experiences.
Blessings & Respect


Watch me, I’m strong! Welcome puppy!

Puppy Locks Rappa Rasta

For a while wild cat visit the yard, chasing lizards and rat and keeping Rappa company. With food and sweet sounds the cat, called Zena, felt save and got a kitten.

The adorable puppy, Sheba, came as gift from the mechanic and did lively up the yard. She loves to play, cuddle and most of all, she is eager for food. Cat and dog like to eat from each other bowls, ignoring our teachings. Sheba is very curious and like to play with the kitten but Zena is over protective.
Sheba grows fast and loves to play with neighbor dogs, which is great. One day she did cut her leg bad and we went to the clinic for stitches, she looked so endearing.

We were lucky it was Wednesday; Negril Spay and Neuter Clinic was able to help. Blessings to Debbie and the volunteers who were kind to assist immediately.
Our guests, Suzy, Senne and Jonas, brought dog stuff to the clinic. If you want to support the clinic or doing volunteer work, link them.
Do you know there is also a puppy rescue in Negril? They also are very happy with donations and volunteer workers.


The Yard: Charity Project – Please help Rappa

Building stone house_Rappa Rasta Tours

In 2018 the property Rappa is living, was sold just in a time he wanted to buy it little by little. The start of building a stone houses is a fact, but through disappointment notting was going on after the bad news; he was asked to leave.
This month the owner who never start to build on the property offers Rappa to buy it from him. Rappa is still living in the board house which he build in 2015, when he tried to step up.

When Rappa can not buy the lot, he needs to leave for sure as it will be sold to some one else any way.

Together with a friend I like to bring Go Fund Me to your attention as we are reaching out for your support: Let’s help Rappa buying the property, with the result he has a place to live, which he can call home.
We are asking for help as the tour business is small, just enough to survive but not enough to invest. There is no other way to get support. Therefor we ask you to see this as a charity project in the way you help a friend, a good person who 
deserve to stay in his home.


How do you like the new website?

logo Rappa Rasta Tours

Brighton_ ocean__Rappa Rasta

7-12 day – Authentic Round Trip:

  • Negril, visit Mayfield Falls, sightseeing to Treasure Beach, guesthouse
  • far south coast exploring hidden gems; spring, blue hole, village, meet Rasta’s, family and friends of Rappa
  • through Rastafari Heritage, Kingston & Blue Mountains, forward to the north coast
  • get the Portland vibes: farm, bar, hidden gems, Maroon village….
  • bays and rivers along the north coast til you arrive at Ocho Rios
  • Nine Mile, Negril

Em Farmers liquid

EM Farming – Travellers giving back

Our guests Ron and Sylvia, experts in healthy soil for farming, horses and cows, wanted to do something back to Jamaica.
With the ais of Bio-Ron (NL) we are introducing Effective Micro-organisms in Jamaica.
Rappa Rasta Tours is informing farmers about natural farming, with the benefits of Effective Micro-organisms (EM) of Bio- Ron and Agriton.  EMRO Japan is the Original Manufacturer of EM in Japan.

Farm coconut palm_EM

EM Product – Fair Trade, supporting Jamaica farmers

EM is a liquid of living, good bacteria, yeast and fungus, which are needed for a healthy environment.
Water the soil with EM, and the soil will get more oxygen. Seeds will grow better as roots have room to grow therefor, flowers and fruits will be bigger and stronger. Natural!
EM and EM products are good for composting too and can be used for cleaning, disinfecting water and building houses.

We add molasses and water to EM-1 to make EM-A, ready to use. We share it with farmers and dog clinics. After a try out we will distribute. Link us when you want information about our EM-Product. We are happy to introduce it to you.


Ten day round tour

Port Antonio Rappa Rasta Tours

Ten day round trip around the island


Three friends wanted to Jamaica to explore nature, music and meeting Jamaicans.
We offered an authentic trip visiting Roaring River, Tuff Gong Kingston, a night in the cabin of Holywell in the Blue Mountains and chilling at Rebel Salute. We went to Portland to visit a Maroon village and a large farm with a bar at night time. On our way back to Negril we passed the little Dunn’s to cool off and Nine Mile Bob Marley Mausoleum.
In this blog about our ten day round trip around the island with Martin, Mark and Roy, you’r invited to join some of our most awesome experiences.

Rain vibes

Roaring River Bridge Rappa Rasta Tours

Rain is a blessing for the fruits, flowers and trees, but it can be for you as well. It catches us when having a village tour in Roaring River. Roaring River is famous for it’s cave with mineral pool. We walked through the village when it started dripping, soon followed by heavy rain fall. We needed a shelter and found one together with two young Jamaicans. Spliffs were build and the boombox of Roy played reggae music. The boy showed his music video and we started to sing his song. It is one of the greatest things of Jamaicans; singing and dancing is part of daily live. Rain was not spoiling our day but did give us the chance to chat and have fun, to listen to music, relax and make friends.   

Roaring River Rain-Rappa Rasta Tours

Holywell hike

   Holywell Lamzac Rappa Rasta Tours

Staying in a wooden cabin in Holywell park with wood fire and a splendid view over Kingston is a great opportunity to experience the Blue Mountains in a relaxing way. This is what you need when you are on a ten day trip as you have the possibility to reflect because of the huge impressions Jamaica can make. The drizzling rain couldn’t stop two of us for an hour hike, passing all kind of huge ferns and a waterfall, it was worth every little step as the surrounding is magnificent with colorful flowers and views.

We cooked our food in the kitchen and build a wood fire in front of the cabin in the evening were we chatted with park rangers. At night Rappa fell asleep on the ‘Lamzac’ (fat boy) which our guests brought, trying to stay warm in his fleece jacket and sleeping bag.

Holywell Trail Rappa Rasta Tours    Fern Holywell Blue Mountains


Why taking a guide with you?


Ron, Mark and Martin are adventurous and wanted to find a certain bar on there own, a bit up the hill in Port Antonio. Therefor they left after sunset our hotel on Titchfield, that’s why I could rest my feet.
In about 45 minutes Roy came back, because he had forgotten to bring the directions. In Rappa’s head the alarmbel was ringing: ‘I have to bring them’, he said. In fact the bar at the farm of the Living Daylights was not so easy to find and we had lots of laughs when our guests admitted they needed Rappa. They would’ve never found it by themselves, and were very happy they reached in the end. It is such a great and sweet off the beaten path bar, which we needed to see the next day in daylight again and bring a visit to the farm itself. The owners let us taste fresh coconut juice and showed us around, told us about their future plans to build rooms and offering yoga class.

Jeep_Rappa Rasta Tours


Finding good local food on our way can be a challenge. You need to be at the right time in the morning for the best breakfast, but what is the right time? When you are to late the rest of the day will be mostly ‘chicken an rice’. So our daily song in the Jeep was: ‘Chicken in the morning, chicken in the evening, chicken at nigh time at Rappa Rasta Tours!’ It has to be said this holiday was full of songs and jokes and everyone enjoyed it.


Hidden bay

Sightseeing on our way to Ocho Rios we wanted to show our guests Robins Bay from where you can visit Kwame and Takky Falls. Because we moved like Jamaicans we did not pay attention to time and we loved that day to ‘go with the flow’. By the time we reached Strawberry Fields Together it was late, to late to make the hike to the waterfall. Instead we had a break at a small bay, good for a swim. There are several places to stay in Robins Bay, St. Mary, but we went on to Ocho Rios. Easygoing as we travelled we found a place to stay out of the center were in a close by restaurant we had our Red Stripe Beers.