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West End Negril Snorkeling Jamaica

Jamaica, the land of wood and water, reggae music, Bob Marley and turquoise coloured ocean is a Caribbean island you have to visit once in your life. The nature is stunning: beaches, waterfalls, jungle and mountains. And together with the

Jamaicans are music lovers, friendly to visitors and they like to discuss. With the history of slavery, the knowledge of nature, healing herbs and the special positive vibes of Jamaicans your travel experience is one always to remember.
Are you planing your Jamaica holiday? I’ve got some tipa for you
This blog is about tips when planning your


When to go & what about the weather?

Jamaica can be visited all over the year, with its high season from November till March/April. Don’t expect it to be overload with tourists during this time although the lines at Dunn’s River Falls can be a bit longer.

Most people don’t like to visit during hurricane season, which is from August till October. Rain and cloudy skies can threaten Jamaica more in September and October and. May can have some showers as well.  I went to Jamaica several times in the month October; peaceful and quite after the summer heat.

December and January are great for warm temperature in day time and a bit cooler at night. At evenings you may need a long sleeve T-shirt.
January is also good for Rebel Salute Reggae festival.
February is awesome for Bob Marley Music celebrations.
Keep in mind the months July and August can be uncomfortable hot and ocean water will not cool you down.

So the weather will be one reason to pick your month but other reasons might be even more  important to you. There is no good or wrong month for Jamaica.



Coming from Europe there are plenty possibilities to fly to Jamaica.
From Belgium and The Netherlands Tui you fly to Montego Bay airport.  You may find great options with Delta to Atlanta or so, then transfer to Montego Bay. Germany has very good options from Düsseldorf with Eurowings or Condor to Montego Bay. UK have flights to Kingston. Even from Sweden and Swiss you can fly to Jamaica.

Save some space in your suitcase if you are willing to bring some clothes and other stuff for Rappa or schoolchildren or dogs. Just link me (Sandra) for a package or an extra suitcase to bring.


Where to stay?

In general people do fly to Montego Bay and stay at Ochio Rios, Runnaway Bay, Montego Bay or Negril. Rappa lives in Negril and can pick you up. The longest stretch of beach is in Negril; the seven mile beach. Reggae parties with live music are helt at Negril beach.

Ocho Rios is close to Nine Miles Bob Marley Mausoleum and Dunn’s River Falls. There are plenty other attractions to visit when staying in Ochi. The town itself is touristic and hustlers are all about. When you are looking for a resort and relaxation, it’s a good place to stay. Or maybe you like to visit clubs; Ochi is the place to be.

Runnaway Bay, a small village, is ideal for resort and relaxation. It’s only one hour drive to the Mausoleum of Bob Marley.

Honestly there is no reason to stay in Montego Bay except for beach and shopping.

Beach Negril boat ocean_RRT  

Are you adventures and searching for reggae music, a long beach to walk, bars and restaurants, you are at Negril on the right place. You can mingle among Jamaicans. Although there is some hassle on the beach as well it is more quiet than Ochi.
Negril has a beach side and cliff side – West End. There are local and tourists restaurants, shops and bars. I prefer the beach side as there it’s easy to move freely and there are great live music performances.
More information to find at the blog ‘Where to stay in Negril?’

The surroundings of Negril are waiting to explore. Day trips from your hotel or a multiple day round tour gives you an idea of the real Jamaica. Tours are a mix of hot spots and off the beaten path places.

When you are a regular visitor of Jamaica you will love to explore other parts of Jamaica like Port Antonio and surroundings and Treasure Beach.
Check out this 10 day tour example to get to know the hidden gems of Jamaica.

3 reasons why you should travel with an experienced tour guide

Guests in Jeep and tour guide standing outside

Are you going on a holiday, looking forward to get a real impression of your holiday destination? Would you like to discover hidden gems, meet local people and visiting most interesting scenery in a safe way?
It is recommended to start your adventure with an experienced tour guide. You don’t have to give up your private moments and in addition, your holiday will be relaxed, fun, beyond expectations and save you time. To get the most out of your holiday, choose a local, private, professional tour guide!

road of bridge damage hole  Landslide road damage

1. Road conditions & safety

In many countries, or parts of the country, roads are in bad condition and more difficult to drive as you used to. First question when on holiday should be whether the driving is at the left or right side of the road. You need to know if signs are putting up, if roads are having names and if there is a reliable roadmap.

You need to know the condition of the road concerning potholes, verges and street lights. A little adventure is part of the game, making your holiday special, but you need to prepare if you plan to explore small villages, mountain areas and dirt roads.
Behavior of drivers cause irritation and stress or in a worse scenario leading into an accident. It is amazing how dangerous people can drive: speeding up, over take in corners or with on coming traffic, switching lanes or ignoring red light. You have to be careful and this can take all of your energie.

Goats are crossing

goats are crossing dirt road

Some countries allow animals on the street. Holy cows in India or even elephants are not strange. Goats, dogs, chickens or horses on the road can be romantic in little villages or abandoned roads, but very dangerous on highways or anything in between. Be prepared in Central or South America, Africa or some Caribbean countries like Jamaica.

Safety and relaxation during your holiday has a high priority. Road conditions are a very good topic to choose a guide who knows the conditions and has good driving skills.

Statute Bob Marley Kingston guests and guide  Exploring a river with a tour guide in Jamaica  Guest and guide in food shop Jamaica

2. Lots of fun & inspiration

When having the perfect tour guide who is passionate about travelling, he will show you special places and will give interesting or enlightening information about historic sites, nature attractions, scenic locations, culture and other travel destinations.

His story telling skills about music, history or real life situations will enrich your travel.

In your travel schedule will be space to take breaks along the way. Stops for drinks, taking pictures but also  showing fruit trees, herbs and meeting people. The tour guide knows where to find local restaurants, bars, hidden rivers to cool off and amazing viewpoints. All you have to do is enjoy.

Pelican Bar Jamaica sunset silhouet  guests and guide fun in shopping mall with Bob Marley statute  Local food Jamaica tour guide

Off the beaten path

Being flexible from both sides can result in a unique experience; an authentic meeting or stunning nature place. A tiny bit adventure on the way makes your holiday never to forget. So if you have the chance to stop at an organic farm, a heritage site, local party or hidden waterfall; do it!

A local tour guide will show you good places for arts & crafts to buy souvenirs, the best en nicest bays and knows where to find delicious food. For an awesome experience meet up with friends and family of the guide; it gives that extra touch on top of your day.

The knowledge and services of a guide are intended to protect and show the beauty of his country. A professional tour guide puts safety first. With love and proud he will show you as much as he can, he will advise and help where needed.

Even though you might have travelled a lot, each country has her own special situation, where circumstances can change. Take advice from the guide; he will be responsible for you.

Video: Tour guide speaks with guest

3. time saving

Holidays are short and travellers like to see it all. It is an impossible task but most people will put it on their shoulders. They might return back home, in need of a holiday. Saving time is one of the important benefits when exploring the country with a tour guide.

The greatest tour guide is charismatic, caring and has humor

A tour guide will make your travel comfortable, easy, convenient, relax and safe. Knowing the way in the country will save time. He is describing points of interest and it is his responsibility purchasing tickets to museums, parks and attractions. First of all you are having a great time. You have to take care of your sunscreen and other belongings, your water bottle and camera, then you follow the guide.

Boston Bay, beach and ocean from parking Martha Brae Bamboo Raft 


Top it up

You also will enjoy profits by taxiservices when going shopping after arrival at your hotel, watch sunset at the beach or going out for dinner or a drink in the evening. In consultation the driver / tour guide is there for you when having questions and special wishes.

Take advantage of a tour guide by his taxi services, but take your responsibility also for all extra services you are asking during your round trip. Overnights stays, food, drinks and tips are part of the game. Having a private tour guide, working 24×7 is a respectful job. Make sure to show respect too.

Bio farm tea RappaRasta Tours    


  • Safety and relaxation during your holiday has a high priority. Road conditions are a very good topic to choose a guide who knows the conditions and has good driving skills.
  • When having the perfect tour guide who is passionate about travelling, he will share enlightening information about historic sites, scenic locations, hidden gems, restaurants, culture and other travel destinations. All you have to do is enjoy.
  • Saving time is a great benefit as the guide / driver knows the way around, purchasing tickets at attractions and helps out with all kind of needs and questions during your holiday.


Newsletter: So much things happend we have to share 2020

Newsletter: So much things happend we have to share 2020

mug logo Rappa Rasta Tours

We are happy to inform you in tis newsletter about ‘5 year celebration Rappa Rasta Tours’, our cute member of the family ‘Sheba’, the ‘property’ Rappa hopefully can stay on, EM Farming, a 7 days round tour and the new Website.


Rappa Rasta Tours is grateful and happy for your trust and adventurous interests. We did so many great tours and met such lovely people, each and every one of you! Some of you became friends, some of you came back exploring other parts of Jamaica, some stayed in the yard for a while. Check out some high lights which are great to mention for now.

ice cream Devon House_Rappa Rasta Tours

We are happy with all your 5 star reviews on Face Book and interviews on our website.
Al those stories when traveling with you, day trips or multiple day round tours, are in our memories.
We should have written it down, having a book filled with many, many, great, awesome, unique and authentic experiences.
Blessings & Respect


Watch me, I’m strong! Welcome puppy!

Puppy Locks Rappa Rasta

For a while wild cat visit the yard, chasing lizards and rat and keeping Rappa company. With food and sweet sounds the cat, called Zena, felt save and got a kitten.

The adorable puppy, Sheba, came as gift from the mechanic and did lively up the yard. She loves to play, cuddle and most of all, she is eager for food. Cat and dog like to eat from each other bowls, ignoring our teachings. Sheba is very curious and like to play with the kitten but Zena is over protective.
Sheba grows fast and loves to play with neighbor dogs, which is great. One day she did cut her leg bad and we went to the clinic for stitches, she looked so endearing.

We were lucky it was Wednesday; Negril Spay and Neuter Clinic was able to help. Blessings to Debbie and the volunteers who were kind to assist immediately.
Our guests, Suzy, Senne and Jonas, brought dog stuff to the clinic. If you want to support the clinic or doing volunteer work, link them.
Do you know there is also a puppy rescue in Negril? They also are very happy with donations and volunteer workers.


The Yard: Charity Project – Please help Rappa

Building stone house_Rappa Rasta Tours

In 2018 the property Rappa is living, was sold just in a time he wanted to buy it little by little. The start of building a stone houses is a fact, but through disappointment notting was going on after the bad news; he was asked to leave.
This month the owner who never start to build on the property offers Rappa to buy it from him. Rappa is still living in the board house which he build in 2015, when he tried to step up.

When Rappa can not buy the lot, he needs to leave for sure as it will be sold to some one else any way.

Together with a friend I like to bring Go Fund Me to your attention as we are reaching out for your support: Let’s help Rappa buying the property, with the result he has a place to live, which he can call home.
We are asking for help as the tour business is small, just enough to survive but not enough to invest. There is no other way to get support. Therefor we ask you to see this as a charity project in the way you help a friend, a good person who 
deserve to stay in his home.


How do you like the new website?

logo Rappa Rasta Tours

Brighton_ ocean__Rappa Rasta

7-12 day – Authentic Round Trip:

  • Negril, visit Mayfield Falls, sightseeing to Treasure Beach, guesthouse
  • far south coast exploring hidden gems; spring, blue hole, village, meet Rasta’s, family and friends of Rappa
  • through Rastafari Heritage, Kingston & Blue Mountains, forward to the north coast
  • get the Portland vibes: farm, bar, hidden gems, Maroon village….
  • bays and rivers along the north coast til you arrive at Ocho Rios
  • Nine Mile, Negril

Em Farmers liquid

EM Farming – Travellers giving back

Our guests Ron and Sylvia, experts in healthy soil for farming, horses and cows, wanted to do something back to Jamaica.
With the ais of Bio-Ron (NL) we are introducing Effective Micro-organisms in Jamaica.
Rappa Rasta Tours is informing farmers about natural farming, with the benefits of Effective Micro-organisms (EM) of Bio- Ron and Agriton.  EMRO Japan is the Original Manufacturer of EM in Japan.

Farm coconut palm_EM

EM Product – Fair Trade, supporting Jamaica farmers

EM is a liquid of living, good bacteria, yeast and fungus, which are needed for a healthy environment.
Water the soil with EM, and the soil will get more oxygen. Seeds will grow better as roots have room to grow therefor, flowers and fruits will be bigger and stronger. Natural!
EM and EM products are good for composting too and can be used for cleaning, disinfecting water and building houses.

We add molasses and water to EM-1 to make EM-A, ready to use. We share it with farmers and dog clinics. After a try out we will distribute. Link us when you want information about our EM-Product. We are happy to introduce it to you.


Ten day round tour

Port Antonio Rappa Rasta Tours

Ten day round trip around the island


Three friends wanted to Jamaica to explore nature, music and meeting Jamaicans.
We offered an authentic trip visiting Roaring River, Tuff Gong Kingston, a night in the cabin of Holywell in the Blue Mountains and chilling at Rebel Salute. We went to Portland to visit a Maroon village and a large farm with a bar at night time. On our way back to Negril we passed the little Dunn’s to cool off and Nine Mile Bob Marley Mausoleum.
In this blog about our ten day round trip around the island with Martin, Mark and Roy, you’r invited to join some of our most awesome experiences.

Rain vibes

Roaring River Bridge Rappa Rasta Tours

Rain is a blessing for the fruits, flowers and trees, but it can be for you as well. It catches us when having a village tour in Roaring River. Roaring River is famous for it’s cave with mineral pool. We walked through the village when it started dripping, soon followed by heavy rain fall. We needed a shelter and found one together with two young Jamaicans. Spliffs were build and the boombox of Roy played reggae music. The boy showed his music video and we started to sing his song. It is one of the greatest things of Jamaicans; singing and dancing is part of daily live. Rain was not spoiling our day but did give us the chance to chat and have fun, to listen to music, relax and make friends.   

Roaring River Rain-Rappa Rasta Tours

Holywell hike

   Holywell Lamzac Rappa Rasta Tours

Staying in a wooden cabin in Holywell park with wood fire and a splendid view over Kingston is a great opportunity to experience the Blue Mountains in a relaxing way. This is what you need when you are on a ten day trip as you have the possibility to reflect because of the huge impressions Jamaica can make. The drizzling rain couldn’t stop two of us for an hour hike, passing all kind of huge ferns and a waterfall, it was worth every little step as the surrounding is magnificent with colorful flowers and views.

We cooked our food in the kitchen and build a wood fire in front of the cabin in the evening were we chatted with park rangers. At night Rappa fell asleep on the ‘Lamzac’ (fat boy) which our guests brought, trying to stay warm in his fleece jacket and sleeping bag.

Holywell Trail Rappa Rasta Tours    Fern Holywell Blue Mountains


Why taking a guide with you?


Ron, Mark and Martin are adventurous and wanted to find a certain bar on there own, a bit up the hill in Port Antonio. Therefor they left after sunset our hotel on Titchfield, that’s why I could rest my feet.
In about 45 minutes Roy came back, because he had forgotten to bring the directions. In Rappa’s head the alarmbel was ringing: ‘I have to bring them’, he said. In fact the bar at the farm of the Living Daylights was not so easy to find and we had lots of laughs when our guests admitted they needed Rappa. They would’ve never found it by themselves, and were very happy they reached in the end. It is such a great and sweet off the beaten path bar, which we needed to see the next day in daylight again and bring a visit to the farm itself. The owners let us taste fresh coconut juice and showed us around, told us about their future plans to build rooms and offering yoga class.

Jeep_Rappa Rasta Tours


Finding good local food on our way can be a challenge. You need to be at the right time in the morning for the best breakfast, but what is the right time? When you are to late the rest of the day will be mostly ‘chicken an rice’. So our daily song in the Jeep was: ‘Chicken in the morning, chicken in the evening, chicken at nigh time at Rappa Rasta Tours!’ It has to be said this holiday was full of songs and jokes and everyone enjoyed it.


Hidden bay

Sightseeing on our way to Ocho Rios we wanted to show our guests Robins Bay from where you can visit Kwame and Takky Falls. Because we moved like Jamaicans we did not pay attention to time and we loved that day to ‘go with the flow’. By the time we reached Strawberry Fields Together it was late, to late to make the hike to the waterfall. Instead we had a break at a small bay, good for a swim. There are several places to stay in Robins Bay, St. Mary, but we went on to Ocho Rios. Easygoing as we travelled we found a place to stay out of the center were in a close by restaurant we had our Red Stripe Beers.