Where to stay in Negril? At the West End cliffs or at the 7 mile beach – boulevard?

Snorkling Negril West End Xtabi

After 3 months travelling all over the island, I decided to visit Negril to find out myself whether it’s an awesome place to hang out, or just an annoying little village ruined by tourists and hustlers.

But first I needed to make a decision: What is the coolest place to stay, at the cliffs or at the 7 mile beach? Read about the difference and make your decision with these tips.

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How Rappa Rasta Tours started – our first newsletter

Rappa Rasta and Sandra Smits

How we started

An unique way of guiding our guests all over Jamaica leads through an authentic, professional Travel agency: Rappa Rasta Tours.
We are proud of all the 5 star reviews on the Face Book fan page of Rappa Rasta Tours. Right now our guests feel happy and satisfied and our Pajero Jeep (7 seater) drives comfortable and safe. But how did we started?
Are you also curious about the start-up and our dreams? Read this blog!


Shine a light on your dream

It was around May 2013 when Rappa entrusted Sandra with his dream to be a tour guide.

‘Why not?’, Sandra said and she created a business card and flyer.
Some paperwork needed to be done like a passport, a drivers license, and ‘Team Jamaica’ class. A few weeks later ‘Tour Guide Class’ by TPDco followed, and not much longer Rappa could pick up the license for the business name in Kingston.

Rappa Rasta did get some tour experience already a while ago by joining Francesco on his trips. His own first trip was with Bliss and Hannah, and they inspired each other. Tourist on the beach start to socialize with him and beg him for tours. And that’s how it began, with a rented car!
With his own Tour Guide Certificate now, Rappa is ready doing his own tours. Rappa Rasta Tours is specialized by ‘of the beaten path’ tours. We are  travelling the ‘Rasta Way’, which is easy going, safe and fun. On top of that you will get information about the culture of Jamaica, history, music or plants.
You will explore the Real Jamaica in the Natural Rasta way and you will meet Jamaicans with their positive vibes.

Watch this: When you put your dream into the light, they can turn into reality!

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