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Rappa Rasta ‘Clean Game’

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Rappa is born at the south coast and worked as a security guard, a fisherman and as a construction worker. He is living in Negril now, ‘full joying’ life as a Certificated, by the JTB, Tour Guide. He is co-founder of travel agency ‘Rappa Rasta Tours’. Rappa is an excellent driver and he‘ll bring you safe and comfortable all over the island.

Rappa, a real Rasta man, is known for his positive and calm attitude, his singing and smile. He will take care of you and makes you feel comfortable. Best of all he can tell you amazing stories about places and history. His knowledge of herbs and medical uses are magnificent and fortunately. With Rappa Rasta as your Tour Guide, you’ll be easily in contact with local people and Rastafari communities.

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‘I did full joy every moment, his special flavour and unique, flexible style and attitude was all good!’
‘One Love & Respect: The Real Natural Rasta Way’

Sandra Smits ‘Life is a journey go travel’

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Sandra fell in love with Jamaica since her first steps on the island and she travelled since then all over, living party in Negril and Amsterdam. Sandra is a writer. She has a graphic design and coaching/healing background. Sandra is co-founder of travel agency ‘Rappa Rasta Tours’. This way Rappa can focus on his job as a tour guide, while Sandra takes care of social media, offers, finances and administration.
Blogs of Sandra can also be found on wearetravellers.nl (Dutch) and Jamaicans.com (English). She describes awesome hotspots, hidden gems and gives typical, local information for Jamaica lovers.

Did you know Sandra was interviewed for the Dutch website about amazing woman?http://vrouw.nieuws.nl/2016/08/27/spotlight-sandra-smits
Curious about more? Check out her own website www.inspiringvibes.nl

‘Sandra is a social inspiration, a guide in any way.’
‘Love & Light’