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pelican bar guests having fun and drinking red stripe beer with tour guide
When one door is closed, don’t you know, another is open.”
Bob Marley

Merry Chistmas & A Happy New Year!

Summer was very very quite concerning tours but winter time is doing great. At Christmas Rappa was on a 11-day-tour with a couple from Austria. And now at New Years Eve he will be with 2 people on a 9 – day – tour. I suppose there will be a party at Treasure Beach – Jack Sprat….

As most of you know the door is (almost) closed in Negril as a lot of things in Rappa’s yard were stolen or damaged and the threats were to much to handle. And yes, another door is open because Rappa went back to his village in Manchester where he tries to finish the house of his uncle (who lives in the UK) while living there now most of the time. This village is an oasis of green, views, peace and tranquility.

You are welcome not only for a work-holyday, but also to get a Country-Retreat. What? Yeah mon, a healing Country-Retreat looks like you chill at the yard.  Information about the retreat and the area is explained in this blog.

Looking forward into 2024
– we hope for less Jeep repairings,
– many more visitors on our authentic and unique tours,
– helping hands in Manchester,
– more new blogs about specific parishes and their specialties
– and as always a lot of fun and love

Blessings and respect, meaning; many thanks to you all for making this happen as we can’t do it without you!

Manchester Work-Holyday at the country side Rappa Rasta Tours


Remember from the last blog we told about the Work-Holyday? So this is what Mitchell did: He came for the whole month and helped Rappa out with doors, painting and all kind of yard work.

In he other 2 weeks they explored the island as Mitchell did like to have a 10 day tour as well. Mitchell and Rappa became friends and enjoyed their time in Jamaica. “Everything Mitchell touched, turned into gold’, as Rappa smiled.


St. Mary blog at our website

This is the introduction of the blog of St. Mary, The full blog can be found on this page as well.Robbins Bay area, for instance, is a non-touristic aera that is definitely worth exploring.

After Portland we like to show you amazing places in St. Mary, the parisch in between St. Ann (Ocho Rios) and Portland (Port Antonio) at the north west coast of Jamaica. Tainos sites, Spanish forts, English churches, 3 main rivers, waterfalls, great houses and beaches invite adventurous and eco-travellers to explore St. Mary. Read more about these awesome tips right away!


This is what our guests say

“Had a fantastic versatile trip with Rappa Rasta! Thanks to Rappa I got to know the real Jamaica, away from the tourist centers. With his relaxed vibe and good conversations about anything and everything, the days have flown by! I can recommend a trip with Rappa to anyone who is open to getting to know Jamaica.” Tirtsa
“Hi Sandra! We (sadly 😉) arrived well back in Negril yesterday evening. It was a fantastic trip and a once in a lifetime experience. Rappa did an amazing job and we had a great time in our little roadtrip gang 😊 Big thanks for all your work!    Blessings Birgit and Arne”

“Hi Sandra, we had a really nice tour! Black River and Appleton were a lot of fun, we actually got everywhere just in time so it wasn’t too busy somehow, very chill!
56 Hope Road was very beautiful, it was a shame about Tuff Gong, but we went back via the toll road, towards Belmont: we got there at a quarter to 5. The gate seemed closed, but Tosh’s cousin, the manager, quickly arrived! In short: together with Rappa we spent about 45 minutes at Belmont and everything was explained to us. Small “highlight”: we were also able to talk to one of Tosh’s sons, very cool. Perhaps in the end I found Belmont more impressive than, for example, Nine Miles. All in all a very successful tour! Thanks!” Wim

Dear travellers, Wishing the blog is giving you irie vibes.
We hope all is fine with you and we are looking forward to hearing from you. We like your vibes for real, your pictures and also the good words you speak about us and your recommendations.Thanks again and we soon link again. Rappa & Sandra

When you like information about your Jamaica tours, when you have a question or when you want to request a quote,please reach out through email, thank you!

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