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Jamaica, the land of wood and water, reggae music, Bob Marley and turquoise coloured ocean is a Caribbean island you have to visit once in your life. The nature is stunning: beaches, waterfalls, jungle and mountains. And together with the

Jamaicans are music lovers, friendly to visitors and they like to discuss. With the history of slavery, the knowledge of nature, healing herbs and the special positive vibes of Jamaicans your travel experience is one always to remember.
Are you planing your Jamaica holiday? I’ve got some tipa for you
This blog is about tips when planning your


When to go & what about the weather?

Jamaica can be visited all over the year, with its high season from November till March/April. Don’t expect it to be overload with tourists during this time although the lines at Dunn’s River Falls can be a bit longer.

Most people don’t like to visit during hurricane season, which is from August till October. Rain and cloudy skies can threaten Jamaica more in September and October and. May can have some showers as well.  I went to Jamaica several times in the month October; peaceful and quite after the summer heat.

December and January are great for warm temperature in day time and a bit cooler at night. At evenings you may need a long sleeve T-shirt.
January is also good for Rebel Salute Reggae festival.
February is awesome for Bob Marley Music celebrations.
Keep in mind the months July and August can be uncomfortable hot and ocean water will not cool you down.

So the weather will be one reason to pick your month but other reasons might be even more  important to you. There is no good or wrong month for Jamaica.



Coming from Europe there are plenty possibilities to fly to Jamaica.
From Belgium and The Netherlands Tui you fly to Montego Bay airport.  You may find great options with Delta to Atlanta or so, then transfer to Montego Bay. Germany has very good options from Düsseldorf with Eurowings or Condor to Montego Bay. UK have flights to Kingston. Even from Sweden and Swiss you can fly to Jamaica.

Save some space in your suitcase if you are willing to bring some clothes and other stuff for Rappa or schoolchildren or dogs. Just link me (Sandra) for a package or an extra suitcase to bring.


Where to stay?

In general people do fly to Montego Bay and stay at Ochio Rios, Runnaway Bay, Montego Bay or Negril. Rappa lives in Negril and can pick you up. The longest stretch of beach is in Negril; the seven mile beach. Reggae parties with live music are helt at Negril beach.

Ocho Rios is close to Nine Miles Bob Marley Mausoleum and Dunn’s River Falls. There are plenty other attractions to visit when staying in Ochi. The town itself is touristic and hustlers are all about. When you are looking for a resort and relaxation, it’s a good place to stay. Or maybe you like to visit clubs; Ochi is the place to be.

Runnaway Bay, a small village, is ideal for resort and relaxation. It’s only one hour drive to the Mausoleum of Bob Marley.

Honestly there is no reason to stay in Montego Bay except for beach and shopping.

Beach Negril boat ocean_RRT  

Are you adventures and searching for reggae music, a long beach to walk, bars and restaurants, you are at Negril on the right place. You can mingle among Jamaicans. Although there is some hassle on the beach as well it is more quiet than Ochi.
Negril has a beach side and cliff side – West End. There are local and tourists restaurants, shops and bars. I prefer the beach side as there it’s easy to move freely and there are great live music performances.
More information to find at the blog ‘Where to stay in Negril?’

The surroundings of Negril are waiting to explore. Day trips from your hotel or a multiple day round tour gives you an idea of the real Jamaica. Tours are a mix of hot spots and off the beaten path places.

When you are a regular visitor of Jamaica you will love to explore other parts of Jamaica like Port Antonio and surroundings and Treasure Beach.
Check out this 10 day tour example to get to know the hidden gems of Jamaica.

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