3 reasons why you should travel with an experienced tour guide

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Are you going on a holiday, looking forward to get a real impression of your holiday destination? Would you like to discover hidden gems, meet local people and visiting most interesting scenery in a safe way?
It is recommended to start your adventure with an experienced tour guide. You don’t have to give up your private moments and in addition, your holiday will be relaxed, fun, beyond expectations and save you time. To get the most out of your holiday, choose a local, private, professional tour guide!

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1. Road conditions & safety

In many countries, or parts of the country, roads are in bad condition and more difficult to drive as you used to. First question when on holiday should be whether the driving is at the left or right side of the road. You need to know if signs are putting up, if roads are having names and if there is a reliable roadmap.

You need to know the condition of the road concerning potholes, verges and street lights. A little adventure is part of the game, making your holiday special, but you need to prepare if you plan to explore small villages, mountain areas and dirt roads.
Behavior of drivers cause irritation and stress or in a worse scenario leading into an accident. It is amazing how dangerous people can drive: speeding up, over take in corners or with on coming traffic, switching lanes or ignoring red light. You have to be careful and this can take all of your energie.

Goats are crossing

goats are crossing dirt road

Some countries allow animals on the street. Holy cows in India or even elephants are not strange. Goats, dogs, chickens or horses on the road can be romantic in little villages or abandoned roads, but very dangerous on highways or anything in between. Be prepared in Central or South America, Africa or some Caribbean countries like Jamaica.

Safety and relaxation during your holiday has a high priority. Road conditions are a very good topic to choose a guide who knows the conditions and has good driving skills.

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2. Lots of fun & inspiration

When having the perfect tour guide who is passionate about travelling, he will show you special places and will give interesting or enlightening information about historic sites, nature attractions, scenic locations, culture and other travel destinations.

His story telling skills about music, history or real life situations will enrich your travel.

In your travel schedule will be space to take breaks along the way. Stops for drinks, taking pictures but also  showing fruit trees, herbs and meeting people. The tour guide knows where to find local restaurants, bars, hidden rivers to cool off and amazing viewpoints. All you have to do is enjoy.

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Off the beaten path

Being flexible from both sides can result in a unique experience; an authentic meeting or stunning nature place. A tiny bit adventure on the way makes your holiday never to forget. So if you have the chance to stop at an organic farm, a heritage site, local party or hidden waterfall; do it!

A local tour guide will show you good places for arts & crafts to buy souvenirs, the best en nicest bays and knows where to find delicious food. For an awesome experience meet up with friends and family of the guide; it gives that extra touch on top of your day.

The knowledge and services of a guide are intended to protect and show the beauty of his country. A professional tour guide puts safety first. With love and proud he will show you as much as he can, he will advise and help where needed.

Even though you might have travelled a lot, each country has her own special situation, where circumstances can change. Take advice from the guide; he will be responsible for you.

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3. time saving

Holidays are short and travellers like to see it all. It is an impossible task but most people will put it on their shoulders. They might return back home, in need of a holiday. Saving time is one of the important benefits when exploring the country with a tour guide.

The greatest tour guide is charismatic, caring and has humor

A tour guide will make your travel comfortable, easy, convenient, relax and safe. Knowing the way in the country will save time. He is describing points of interest and it is his responsibility purchasing tickets to museums, parks and attractions. First of all you are having a great time. You have to take care of your sunscreen and other belongings, your water bottle and camera, then you follow the guide.

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Top it up

You also will enjoy profits by taxiservices when going shopping after arrival at your hotel, watch sunset at the beach or going out for dinner or a drink in the evening. In consultation the driver / tour guide is there for you when having questions and special wishes.

Take advantage of a tour guide by his taxi services, but take your responsibility also for all extra services you are asking during your round trip. Overnights stays, food, drinks and tips are part of the game. Having a private tour guide, working 24×7 is a respectful job. Make sure to show respect too.

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  • Safety and relaxation during your holiday has a high priority. Road conditions are a very good topic to choose a guide who knows the conditions and has good driving skills.
  • When having the perfect tour guide who is passionate about travelling, he will share enlightening information about historic sites, scenic locations, hidden gems, restaurants, culture and other travel destinations. All you have to do is enjoy.
  • Saving time is a great benefit as the guide / driver knows the way around, purchasing tickets at attractions and helps out with all kind of needs and questions during your holiday.


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