Newsletter: So much things happend we have to share 2020

Newsletter: So much things happend we have to share 2020

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We are happy to inform you in tis newsletter about ‘5 year celebration Rappa Rasta Tours’, our cute member of the family ‘Sheba’, the ‘property’ Rappa hopefully can stay on, EM Farming, a 7 days round tour and the new Website.


Rappa Rasta Tours is grateful and happy for your trust and adventurous interests. We did so many great tours and met such lovely people, each and every one of you! Some of you became friends, some of you came back exploring other parts of Jamaica, some stayed in the yard for a while. Check out some high lights which are great to mention for now.

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We are happy with all your 5 star reviews on Face Book and interviews on our website.
Al those stories when traveling with you, day trips or multiple day round tours, are in our memories.
We should have written it down, having a book filled with many, many, great, awesome, unique and authentic experiences.
Blessings & Respect


Watch me, I’m strong! Welcome puppy!

Puppy Locks Rappa Rasta

For a while wild cat visit the yard, chasing lizards and rat and keeping Rappa company. With food and sweet sounds the cat, called Zena, felt save and got a kitten.

The adorable puppy, Sheba, came as gift from the mechanic and did lively up the yard. She loves to play, cuddle and most of all, she is eager for food. Cat and dog like to eat from each other bowls, ignoring our teachings. Sheba is very curious and like to play with the kitten but Zena is over protective.
Sheba grows fast and loves to play with neighbor dogs, which is great. One day she did cut her leg bad and we went to the clinic for stitches, she looked so endearing.

We were lucky it was Wednesday; Negril Spay and Neuter Clinic was able to help. Blessings to Debbie and the volunteers who were kind to assist immediately.
Our guests, Suzy, Senne and Jonas, brought dog stuff to the clinic. If you want to support the clinic or doing volunteer work, link them.
Do you know there is also a puppy rescue in Negril? They also are very happy with donations and volunteer workers.


The Yard: Charity Project – Please help Rappa

Building stone house_Rappa Rasta Tours

In 2018 the property Rappa is living, was sold just in a time he wanted to buy it little by little. The start of building a stone houses is a fact, but through disappointment notting was going on after the bad news; he was asked to leave.
This month the owner who never start to build on the property offers Rappa to buy it from him. Rappa is still living in the board house which he build in 2015, when he tried to step up.

When Rappa can not buy the lot, he needs to leave for sure as it will be sold to some one else any way.

Together with a friend I like to bring Go Fund Me to your attention as we are reaching out for your support: Let’s help Rappa buying the property, with the result he has a place to live, which he can call home.
We are asking for help as the tour business is small, just enough to survive but not enough to invest. There is no other way to get support. Therefor we ask you to see this as a charity project in the way you help a friend, a good person who 
deserve to stay in his home.


How do you like the new website?

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Brighton_ ocean__Rappa Rasta

7-12 day – Authentic Round Trip:

  • Negril, visit Mayfield Falls, sightseeing to Treasure Beach, guesthouse
  • far south coast exploring hidden gems; spring, blue hole, village, meet Rasta’s, family and friends of Rappa
  • through Rastafari Heritage, Kingston & Blue Mountains, forward to the north coast
  • get the Portland vibes: farm, bar, hidden gems, Maroon village….
  • bays and rivers along the north coast til you arrive at Ocho Rios
  • Nine Mile, Negril

Em Farmers liquid

EM Farming – Travellers giving back

Our guests Ron and Sylvia, experts in healthy soil for farming, horses and cows, wanted to do something back to Jamaica.
With the ais of Bio-Ron (NL) we are introducing Effective Micro-organisms in Jamaica.
Rappa Rasta Tours is informing farmers about natural farming, with the benefits of Effective Micro-organisms (EM) of Bio- Ron and Agriton.  EMRO Japan is the Original Manufacturer of EM in Japan.

Farm coconut palm_EM

EM Product – Fair Trade, supporting Jamaica farmers

EM is a liquid of living, good bacteria, yeast and fungus, which are needed for a healthy environment.
Water the soil with EM, and the soil will get more oxygen. Seeds will grow better as roots have room to grow therefor, flowers and fruits will be bigger and stronger. Natural!
EM and EM products are good for composting too and can be used for cleaning, disinfecting water and building houses.

We add molasses and water to EM-1 to make EM-A, ready to use. We share it with farmers and dog clinics. After a try out we will distribute. Link us when you want information about our EM-Product. We are happy to introduce it to you.


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