A place to live is one of the three basic pillars in your life

A place to live is one of the three basic pillars in your life

Let’s help Rappa Rasta so he is able to buy his property back

When Rappa Rasta lived a couple of years on the rock in Negril, he was ready to start paying for it little by little. Bad luck came across as someone else just bought it and told him to leave. Disbelieve and disappointment took over for more than a year. Construction of the stone house stopped in the meantime.
This week the owner contacted Rappa and told him the property is for sale, offering Rappa the fist opportunity to buy. But how to arrange that?

Friends are putting up a solution to raise 10,000 $ through Go Fund Me. Please help to get Rappa Rasta his property back and finish building his house. By the end of April he needs to pay the full amount. I can’t imagine what will happen if Rappa has to leave his piece of land…Where should he go?

We all would be very grateful giving Rappa the opportunity to have his own piece of land which he can call home. Surviving in Jamaica means you need a lot of skills. Rappa is a natural tour guide but it is not enough to save for near future investments as a property or a stone house to live in.

We started March 1 with this charity project, which can make a huge difference for Rappa Rasta. Not having the security of having a place called home can be stressful. His yard (garden) is a blessing to Rappa. He planted lime tree, banana, soursop, apple, pine, and all kind of herbs. His yard is a place for people to take a time out, relax and chat.
Sister Free Spirit came to visit Rappa in his yard and she expressed it beautiful: “Grateful to have linked up with mi Bredda on is little piece of Paradise… walking in his Yard which is on top of a cave producing all the abundance Mother Nature continues to provide… The Bredda has a off the Beaten Path Tour company, if you’re ever in JAMAICA link him up…showing a cotton tree producing natural cotton… Sour Sop tree…so many medicinal growing on his land www.RappaRastaTours.com”

Having the chance to buy this lot is not just nice, it is a must. Rappa is living on this lot for 9 years, it would be terrible to be kicked off soon.  I hope you all can understand the needs, the urgent situation and when you are able to support, just do!

Of course you will support by coming to Jamaica and going on tour with Rappa Rasta Tours; it is just till now not enough to save, we need much more tours to build a living; a house – a home. Rappa started from scratch and driving the Jeep and build a little board house was the only thing possible. To made that happen we got help too.
So please share Rappa Rasta Tours on Face Book and your friends, therefor the business will grow and can be healthy – meaning independent.

On the Go Fund Me page, you will read more about our (Rappa Rasta tours) offer when donate. Check it out!

All your help will be much appreciated.

Blessings and respect.


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