Ten day round tour

Port Antonio Rappa Rasta Tours

Ten day round trip around the island


Three friends wanted to Jamaica to explore nature, music and meeting Jamaicans.
We offered an authentic trip visiting Roaring River, Tuff Gong Kingston, a night in the cabin of Holywell in the Blue Mountains and chilling at Rebel Salute. We went to Portland to visit a Maroon village and a large farm with a bar at night time. On our way back to Negril we passed the little Dunn’s to cool off and Nine Mile Bob Marley Mausoleum.
In this blog about our ten day round trip around the island with Martin, Mark and Roy, you’r invited to join some of our most awesome experiences.

Rain vibes

Roaring River Bridge Rappa Rasta Tours

Rain is a blessing for the fruits, flowers and trees, but it can be for you as well. It catches us when having a village tour in Roaring River. Roaring River is famous for it’s cave with mineral pool. We walked through the village when it started dripping, soon followed by heavy rain fall. We needed a shelter and found one together with two young Jamaicans. Spliffs were build and the boombox of Roy played reggae music. The boy showed his music video and we started to sing his song. It is one of the greatest things of Jamaicans; singing and dancing is part of daily live. Rain was not spoiling our day but did give us the chance to chat and have fun, to listen to music, relax and make friends.   

Roaring River Rain-Rappa Rasta Tours

Holywell hike

   Holywell Lamzac Rappa Rasta Tours

Staying in a wooden cabin in Holywell park with wood fire and a splendid view over Kingston is a great opportunity to experience the Blue Mountains in a relaxing way. This is what you need when you are on a ten day trip as you have the possibility to reflect because of the huge impressions Jamaica can make. The drizzling rain couldn’t stop two of us for an hour hike, passing all kind of huge ferns and a waterfall, it was worth every little step as the surrounding is magnificent with colorful flowers and views.

We cooked our food in the kitchen and build a wood fire in front of the cabin in the evening were we chatted with park rangers. At night Rappa fell asleep on the ‘Lamzac’ (fat boy) which our guests brought, trying to stay warm in his fleece jacket and sleeping bag.

Holywell Trail Rappa Rasta Tours    Fern Holywell Blue Mountains


Why taking a guide with you?


Ron, Mark and Martin are adventurous and wanted to find a certain bar on there own, a bit up the hill in Port Antonio. Therefor they left after sunset our hotel on Titchfield, that’s why I could rest my feet.
In about 45 minutes Roy came back, because he had forgotten to bring the directions. In Rappa’s head the alarmbel was ringing: ‘I have to bring them’, he said. In fact the bar at the farm of the Living Daylights was not so easy to find and we had lots of laughs when our guests admitted they needed Rappa. They would’ve never found it by themselves, and were very happy they reached in the end. It is such a great and sweet off the beaten path bar, which we needed to see the next day in daylight again and bring a visit to the farm itself. The owners let us taste fresh coconut juice and showed us around, told us about their future plans to build rooms and offering yoga class.

Jeep_Rappa Rasta Tours


Finding good local food on our way can be a challenge. You need to be at the right time in the morning for the best breakfast, but what is the right time? When you are to late the rest of the day will be mostly ‘chicken an rice’. So our daily song in the Jeep was: ‘Chicken in the morning, chicken in the evening, chicken at nigh time at Rappa Rasta Tours!’ It has to be said this holiday was full of songs and jokes and everyone enjoyed it.


Hidden bay

Sightseeing on our way to Ocho Rios we wanted to show our guests Robins Bay from where you can visit Kwame and Takky Falls. Because we moved like Jamaicans we did not pay attention to time and we loved that day to ‘go with the flow’. By the time we reached Strawberry Fields Together it was late, to late to make the hike to the waterfall. Instead we had a break at a small bay, good for a swim. There are several places to stay in Robins Bay, St. Mary, but we went on to Ocho Rios. Easygoing as we travelled we found a place to stay out of the center were in a close by restaurant we had our Red Stripe Beers.

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