What’s up? Rappa Rasta Tours – our first Newsletter

Dear Jamaica lovers, friends, family, brethren and sistren,

The new year of 2018 has just begun and it may be a typical time to look back, but it is the right time for Rappa Rasta Tours to share some news.
This update is about a short view of the past 2 years, about the present situation and how we are looking into the future: Wishful thinking!
Are you also curious about Rappa Rasta Tours? Join us and see what’s up!


Shine a light on your dream

It was around May 2013 when Rappa entrusted Sandra with his dream to be a tour guide.

‘Why not?’, Sandra said and she created a business card and flyer.
Some paperwork needed to be done like a passport, a drivers license, and ‘Team Jamaica’ class. A few weeks later ‘Tour Guide Class’ by TPDco followed and Rappa picked up the license for the business name in Kingston.

Rappa did get some tour experience already a while ago by joining Francesco on his trips. With his own Tour Guide Certificate now, he was ready for his own tours around Jamaica.
As of a sudden tourists came to Rappa begging him to show the Real Jamaica and straightaway he rented a car and ‘off the beaten path’ he went.

Watch this: When you put your dream into the light, they can turn into reality!


Making the first steps

In the meantime, Sandra developed a Face Book Fan page and a website: www.rapparastatours.com. While she was in Holland, missing Jamaica bad, she wrote online travel guides and blogs for www.favoroute.com, www.wearetravellers.nl and www.Jamaicans.com. This way Rappa Rasta Tours became visible to the whole world.

Some months later, Rappa met the requirements of the internship and became a certificated Tour Guide by TPDco Jamaica, driving his own car by now.
With joy and happiness a new chapter started in both Rappa’s and Sandra’s life.


Happy travellers

The Tour Guide business / Travel Agency ‘Rappa Rasta Tours’ is a fact and the two owners are working perfectly together. One of them is best in guiding and the other one in PR / Social Media / Customer Service.
Rappa Rasta Tours have gotten all five-star reviews, written by their travellers on the Face Book fan page. Out of enthusiasm and happiness the guests share their experiences with friends and family. They are often going back home with mixed feelings: wanting to stay longer in Jamaica – full joying the ‘irie vibes’. With those reviews, it is encouraging to go on with the business and it also gives us the feeling being part of a huge family.
Besides of the happy travellers, Rappa Rasta Tours is blessed with the most inspiring connections all over the island. Everywhere they go, new friends and links are being made. Think of guesthouse owners or caretakers, taxi drivers, local restaurant owners, arts & craftsmen, (coffee) farmers, ganja plantation owners and Rastafari and Maroon cult healers.

Blessings & Respect!


2018: the positive way

January 2018: Rappa Rasta Tours was able, with help from friends, to exchange the personal car for a powerful Jeep: a Mitsubishi Pajero. Unexpected we ended up in a place where the 4WD was calling us. My Gosh, what a blessing, we decided in a couple of hours to buy a ‘7-seater Jeep’. Rappa and Sandra are grateful, happy and proud of this opportunity. The driving is a real joy for everyone and there are fewer visits to the garage. therefore a huge ‘thank you’.

Rappa’s daughter Tasheka is able to finish secondary education level this year (IT, Mathematics and Business Organization), thanks to guests who became friends and are able to support.


2018 and struggles

You have to live your life with ups and downs, in general it makes you stronger, but in the middle of a crisis it seems hard instead of easy.

To mention two examples which they are dealing with, without getting too deep in it:
– it seems someone bought the land Rappa lived on, for 7 years, and it is hard to accept Rappa has to leave the yard. The little cottage with wooden veranda on the rock, has an awesome view over Negril, and is enriched by flowers, trees, herbs, birds and bees. We are so happy there! All the energy (and money) to start building a stone house seems spoiled, and they have to start over again, some way, somehow. But it is uncertain at this precious moment what will happen, it is like harmony and peace turned into a restless feeling.

But yeah mon,  it is as it is, so we keep the faith!

– Another very sad story needs to be told: Rappa’s sister Mitzi has been killed. It turns the family upside down and it confuses them a lot.
Rappa got life teachings of his grandparents to live an honest and good life. Those teachings he always did spread around to his brothers and sisters, to bredrens and sistrens and he is living the teachings till today.

Bad energy came unexpected their way: gangsters burned her house, shoot her in front of her daughter and left her three children without a mom.
Rappa and his family are feeling confused and frustrated. They are holding on, staying humble and keeping the faith.




Looking forward to near future
– the funeral will be this week
– our Nissan Pulsar is for sale. (Send an email when having interest)
– probably we have to move somewhere this year to yet an unknown place
– we keep on delivering school supplies, when you bring from foreign, to the children of Pusey Hill
– we spread the love, joy and happiness, which we get by touring through Jamaica to each and every one for a sparkling energy


Jamaica is here to unfold

With our unique and authentic tours we are able to make a difference with our awesome tours:

– Rappa Rasta Tours is happy to add a 7-days round trip to the tour list. It will be a combination of stunning beaches, awesome waterfalls, hidden gems, culture, nature and history. In 7 days you will get a perfect feeling and knowledge of the Real Jamaica: Exploring on the Natural Rasta Way!


– Rappa Rasta Tours has developed a mixed holiday retreat of yoga & meditation with afternoon tours.
You will get relaxation, Maroon / Rastafari spiritual teachings with chanting and drumming and superb nature travels: a combination of inner and outer travels.
Information will be on the website soon. But when you have questions right away please send an email to rappa@rapparastatours.com.


support locals


Making the life of Jamaicans better is where we stand for: Supporting small local businesses and sharing benefits.

This we do together with YOU! We need you spreading the word: keep on travelling with us, share your travel experience with other travellers and build a better Jamaica.

While you will are having a great time exploring the real Jamaica, you will support small local businesses and individuals at the same time.
It is important to connect people, travel a fair way and sharing knowledge and benefits. You can read more about our Mission & Vision on our website.


Future goals

We are giving support in any way to persons who love to start a project in Jamaica to support Jamaica and Jamaicans.
For instance, we just started an investigation, together with Bio-Ron, for a natural farming project. Giving farmers a better possibility to grow natural food, looking at the specific dirt situation and fertilize the earth. we like to enrich the earth, animals and people with real healthy food and water.

We will assist you in buying a piece of land, and link you with the right persons: making sure the procedure is an honest one.

It would be great when Tasheka can go to college (IT) next year. It is important for teens to be able to survive by themselves in the future.

We are creating a better home base in Pusey Hill. Our dream is to have cabins for our guests,  a campsite for nature lovers and Rastafarian-way-of-living seekers. We also are creating a gathering place with a fire and natural seats around the tree.

Hopefully we are able to find a new place to live after we moved out of the rock and eventually having an office in Negril. With a fundraising program this must be possible.

Rappa Rasta Tours is unique and authentic

There is no other tour company like us. We are unique. We are authentic. With Rappa Rasta Tours you’ll get (private) tours and you will Explore the Real Jamaica in the Natural Rasta Way.
Meaning, you will experience the real vibes and will see much more than hot spots only. The chill Rasta Vibes with music and singing, new experiences and time for the unexpected will gets you.

Rappa Rasta Tours will arrange Tours and Round Trips on demand, therefore your special holiday fits perfect. And guess what? You’ll become a different person after this holiday. You will feel more relax and happy in daily life back home.

Jamaica will open your heart, will connect you with your inner self, makes you dance and sing, laugh and relax. We travel together with curiosity and flexibility, we go with the flow, we explore, party and protect.
We make sure you will have the best irie holiday ever!

Come and come again, and we will inspire together each and every one!

Prosperity, one love, blessings and respect


Read all about the travel guides and blogs of Inspiring Vibes, Sandra Smits.




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