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Take a look at our awesome, irie pictures from all over Jamaica: beautiful island in the sun

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fishermen far out in the ocean, best views Negril. Rappa Rasta Tours


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Rastafari I&I

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About us: Mission & Vision

It is about us: Who we are, How we started and What we love! Click the button READ MORE for our mission and vision. 'About us and Terms & Conditions' are visible on computer only, sorry for that ;-)

fishermen south coast Jamaica Sandra Smits

Mission & Vision

Mission  Travelling with Rappa Rasta Tours means you will get the most awesome, magnificent holiday experiences, and you’ll support small local businesses and families. Our

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What we do

Explore the Real Jamaica in the Natural Rasta Way, and go on an adventure with a local, experienced tour guide. The inspiring culture and beautiful nature of Jamaica will unfold, as you go on an adventure. Travel to hot spots and hidden gems with Rappa Rasta Tours!
We support small local businesses, so Jamaicans can build their own independent life in an honest, human way!
… Fair travelling… No wonder how Rappa gets his nickname:
 ‘Clean Game’

Caribbean ocean, Rappa Rasta Tours  Bob Marley, Rappa Rasta Tours

The Real Jamaica on the Natural Rasta Way

Get your ‘irie’ travel experience with Rappa Rasta Tours:

  • hidden waterfalls, beaches, Rastafarian Community’s
  • experience music, dance, spirituality and have plenty fun!
  • learn about herbs and medical use of plants, history and culture
  • meet locals as farmers or chefs and the people in the villages
  • pick up from your hotel
  • Rappa Rasta means fun, music, relaxation, chats, real Jamaica, love, safety, ‘clean game’ and ‘yeah man!’

Rappa Rasta in Jamaica stands for playing and having fun  Rastafari Rappa Rasta Tours lead the way

Jamaica magnetizes you!

Embrace the ‘flow of life’ by being connected to nature, spirituality, the people and yourself, which will happen with ease in Jamaica.

Rappa Rasta Tours operates from Negril, Norman Manley Boulevard and works all over the island. Your guide, Rappa Rasta, is flexible for special wishes, and together you‘ll make your dazzling holiday adventure. You will always remember with love. Sandra Smits (Dutch) assists with PR/Marketing and Social Media, she will be there for questions and offers.

Contact us  for questions, information, tips and bookings of tours and round trips in Jamaica.

Rappa Rasta Tours is a co-creation of Rasta Rappa and Sandra Smits: InspiringVibes. They work all over Jamaica and did build a team with other Rasta’s and local small business owners. Their mission is to show you the Real Jamaica in the Natural Rasta Way, which benefits locals.

Want to know more about the owners? Click here

Sandra and Rappa have special knowledge of the far south coast, where Rappa is born and where they support a little community. This village is surrounded by hidden gems, therefor an adventure to explore. They love to get better circumstances of living, as water, electricity, school and farming still are great problems at the far south.
Travelling with Rappa Rasta Tours is sharing, sharing is loving, is Unity (I-nity).

Bob Marley Mausoleum Rappa Rasta Tours hidden gem, Rappa Rasta Tours

Rappa Rasta Tours
Norman Manley Boulevard
Negril, Westmoreland
Jamaica W.I.


Do you have interest in buying land to have your own lovely spot 'inna di Jamaica'?
We will link you with the original owners, show you beautiful property in the country and assist you with the process.
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